2024 John deere 768L 2 Bogie Skidder dragging full sized trees down a muddy hill

John Deere Skidder for Sale

John Deere skidders at James River Equipment will take your forestry operation to the next level. Effortlessly transport large quantities of logs to a centralized location for harvesting with John Deere skidders. Choose the right skidder for you, with multiple models available based on function, power, grapple capacity, and more. John Deere implements the most recent and advanced technology that provides unmatched productivity. To learn more about skidders and see our financing options, stop by any of our James River Equipment locations across North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia today.

John Deere Skidders for Sale Near You

James River Equipment has the right skidder for your operation. Three types of John Deere skidders are available: Cable, Bogie, and Grapple Skidders. Cable skidders come with a drum system that attaches cables to felled trees to extract them to a central location. Bogie skidders are designed to have better traction and can operate in swampy or boggy areas where traditional skidders may struggle. Lastly, grapple skidders are equipped with hydraulic grapples to lift and move large quantities of logs for harvesting. Talk to our team at James River Equipment for help deciding which type of John Deere skidder would be right for you.

Skidder Models and Specs

John Deere skidders keep your logging operation productive. There are six models to choose from based on type, horsepower, size, and more. See below for how each model compares:

Model Skidder Type Horsepower Torque Grapple Capacity
640L-II Cable Skidder 237 HP 756 ft. - lb. N/A
648L-II Grapple Skidder 237 HP 756 ft. - lb. 17.5 sq. ft.
748L-II Grapple Skidder 263 HP 841 ft. - lb. 19.1 sq. ft.
768L-II Bogie Skidder 281 HP 941 ft. - lb. 22.3 sq. ft.
848L-II Grapple Skidder 281 HP 941 ft. - lb. 19.1 sq. ft.
948L-II Grapple Skidder 300 HP 1,009 ft. - lb. 22.3 sq. ft.

If you're looking for the best in class to add to your large forestry operation, consider the John Deere 948L-II . This model packs the most punch and can handle incredible volumes of logs with its 22.3 sq. ft. grapple capacity. Visit James River Equipment today to see the 948L-II for yourself.

John Deere Skidder Technology

John Deere integrates top-of-the-line technology into each of their skidder models. This includes TimberMatic Maps, which allows you to see the entire job site, share optimized routes, and connect between other machines. Get real-time updates on your job's progress using TimberManager, which streamlines communications, analyzes tasks, and increases overall productivity. You can seamlessly manage your entire fleet from your desktop or mobile device using John Deere’s JDLink technology. See all the fantastic John Deere skidder technology at James River Equipment.

Financing Skidders at James River Equipment

Finance your purchase of a John Deere skidder today at James River Equipment. Partnering with John Deere Financial, we offer competitive interest rates and flexible repayment plans so you don't have to pay until you get paid. The process is easy, and our team is locally available to answer any questions. Stop by any of our James River Equipment locations today to get started.