Compact 17G excavator picking up large bundles of tree limbs in front of residential home

John Deere Compact Excavators For Sale

John Deere compact excavators available at James River Equipment will help you with many tasks. Compact excavators can be purchased with different attachments that can be used for various purposes. Choose an excavator that fits your needs, with many models available based on digging depth, horsepower, features, and more. Our team at James River Equipment is ready to help you decide which compact excavator best suits your needs. Stop by any of our locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia to learn more.

Compact Excavator Models

John Deere compact excavators for sale at James River Equipment provide incredible performance in many sizes. The smallest model is the 17G and can fit into tighter spaces with its foldable blade and variable-width undercarriage. If you're looking for more power, the 60G could be the one for you. It has a more powerful engine that can dig deeper than other models and comes with a closed climate-controlled cab for comfortable use even in harsh weather. See all the available John Deere compact excavator models at James River Equipment.

Digging Depth of John Deere Compact Excavators

The John Deere mini excavators' engine power and digging depths vary for each model. See horsepower and digging depth information below:

Model Horsepower Max Digging Depth
17 P-Tier: 14.5 HP 7ft. 2 in. 
17G: 14.5 HP 7 ft. 2 in.
26 P-Tier: 20 HP 8 ft. 6 in.
26G: 20 HP 8 ft. 6 in.
30 P-Tier: 23 HP 9 ft. 2 in.
30G: 23 HP 9 ft. 2 in.
35 P-Tier 23.3 HP 10 ft. 0 in.
35G 23.3 HP 10 ft. 0 in.
50 P-Tier 35.9 HP 11 ft. 7 in.
60 P-Tier 53 HP 12 ft. 4 in.

To see the full list of available features and perks with each model, contact our staff at James River Equipment.

Uses for Compact Excavators 

Compact excavators have a wide-ranging set of uses spanning multiple industries. The most common use is in construction, where they can dig trenches, help with foundation work, and lay pipe. Compact excavators can also be used as earth-moving equipment with the right attachments to move material and debris efficiently. In addition, compact excavators can be used in landscaping to help plant trees or digging irrigation ditches. Learn more about how you can use your John Deere compact excavator at James River Equipment.

Finance John Deere Compact Excavators at James River Equipment

Do you need to finance your next John Deere compact excavator purchase? At James River Equipment, our team is ready to help provide you with the best interest rates and flexible payment plans that fit your needs. We proudly partner with John Deere Financial and are ready to answer any questions about interest rates, payment plans, etc. Click here to get started, or stop by any of our locations today.