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Every project starts with a vision. Perhaps it is clearing your property for a garden or tackling a fencing project for your livestock. Or maybe you are looking at bidding on a new construction project to enhance your community. James River Equipment has been forging relationships with landscapers, homeowners, farmers, construction workers, and loggers since 1977. As equipment and technology have changed over the years, James River Equipment’s commitment to you has not changed: provide you with innovative equipment solutions and the quality support and service only our employees can provide.

John Deere is a name you know and trust. The company is synonymous with quality and integrity. James River Equipment is proud to be your local John Deere dealer supporting you with the parts, service, and technology needed to keep your community building, farming, logging, and beautifying.

—Mark Romer, CEO of James River Equipment

Supporting Services

It's All About The People
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Equipment Parts

James River Equipment's parts departments are ready to go above and beyond to keep your machines running. Minutes mean dollars, and James River is there to minimize downtime that is bound to happen. By keeping parts in stock in various locations throughout Virginia and North Carolina, our parts teams are ready to deliver the components needed for the job.

Our key to success? Active listeners and intuitive problem solvers. It's all about the people that are there to support you. Now, with Online Ordering through MyDealer, we make our parts solutions available 24/7.

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Equipment Service

James River Equipment understands the urgency of having your mower back to keep your lawn in pristine condition or your excavator moving dirt to keep your project on time. Good service hinges on quick diagnosis and expert service professionals to perform the service when it comes down to it.
James River Technicians are better equipped and take advantage of your machines' technology to get your tractors, skid steers, excavators, and more running quicker. With remote diagnosis tools, we are here to keep your equipment running and ensure you can finish the job on time. Visit our Service page to request service today!

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Equipment Technology

Work smarter, not harder, is the saying. Whether you are on the farm or the jobsite, you know that every move matters. Equipment technology is here to help you conserve passes in the field, idle time for your fleet, and so much more.

James River Equipment offers a wide selection of technology solutions. From integrated construction equipment technology to precision farm technology, we have the tools that will give you the power to get the job done with less. Check out our Technology solutions today.

Start a John Deere Career with James River Equipment

James River Equipment is always looking for people with the desire to help customers. The combination of our experience, culture, and focus on customer service has resulted in James River Equipment becoming one of the most distinguished and widely respected John Deere dealers in the country. Since 1977, James River Equipment has been providing outstanding products and services to farmers, ranchers, and businesses. As we grow, we’ll need people ready to grow with us. Learn about career growth paths and ways we sponsor technicians through school!

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