The John Deere S100 100 Series being used to mow a residential lawn

100 Series John Deere Lawn Tractors For Sale

100 Series John Deere lawn tractors for sale at James River Equipment will help you complete various tasks around your land. With eight models, customize to your desired one with different horsepower, mower deck sizes, and features. The attachments available for these lawn tractors range from mulching bags, front blades, snow plows, and more. For service and repair on lawn tractors, James River Equipment is your local expert. See any of our locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia for oil changes, parts, and more.

100 Series Lawn Tractor Models

100 Series lawn tractors are available near you at James River Equipment. With eight models, choices can be narrowed down by how much acreage you have to mow. We recommend 100 Series for any property at 1 acre or less. The S120 lawn tractor will provide you with 22 HP and a 42" mower deck. For more extensive work or to complete it faster, check out the S180 with 24 HP and 54" mower deck. Check out all the John Deere 100 Series lawn tractors at James River Equipment.

Mower Deck Sizes of 100 Series Lawn Tractors

The mower decks for 100 Series lawn tractors come in three different sizes: 42", 48", and 54". Listed below are the mower decks for each lawn tractor:

  • S100: 17.5 HP / 42" Mower Deck
  • S110: 19 HP / 42" Mower Deck
  • S120: 22 HP / 42" Mower Deck
  • S130: 22 HP / 42" Mower Deck
  • S140: 22 HP / 48" Mower Deck
  • S160: 24 HP / 48" Mower Deck
  • S170: 24 HP / 48" Mower Deck
  • S180: 24 HP / 54" Mower Deck

  • John Deere 100 Series Attachments

    The 100 Series lawn tractors have multiple attachments for a wide range of tasks. Bagging systems can minimize grass clippings in the yard, or mulching kits to help your lawn grow better. In the winter, attach a snow blower to the front to reduce the time needed to clear the driveway. Trailer hitches can be attached to the back of 100 series lawn tractors to help carry supplies or dirt. See all the available attachments for 100 series lawn tractors at James River Equipment.

    Service and Repair on Lawn Tractors at James River Equipment

    Get service and repair on lawn tractors locally at James River Equipment. Whether you need an oil change or to fix the engine on your lawn tractor, our team of technicians is here for you. With the proper training and equipment, we will have your lawn tractor back to you quickly. For self-repair on your lawn tractor, James River Equipment will provide you with all the OEM John Deere parts you need. Contact James River Equipment for all your servicing and repair needs on John Deere lawn tractors.