1025R Tractor tilling the ground with attached 120R Quick-Park loader and commercial quality tiller

John Deere 1025R Sub-Compact Tractor For Sale

The John Deere 1025R subcompact tractor for sale at James River Equipment will make all your small-end tasks easy around the farm or house. With a range of features and accessories, customize to any job you have. Attachments range from box blades and front loaders to mowers and rotary cutters. If you need service on your sub-compact tractor, our team is here to help with regular maintenance or more significant repair issues. For information on financing a 1025R, speak with any of our locations across North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia.

John Deere 1025R Specs

The 1025R balances power and size perfectly to help with all your smaller-end tasks. With 23.9 HP, a hydrostatic transmission, and standard 4WD, it pushes forward through multiple terrains and conditions. Cruise control comes standard on the 1025R and has a Category 1 hitch type. The ergonomic seat design allows for ultimate operator comfort when working for long hours of the day. Test out the 1025R for yourself at James River Equipment.

John Deere 1025R Attachments

The 1025R attachments available at James River Equipment simplify farm and garden jobs. Mower decks can be attached in as little as 5 minutes by one person with the QuickHitch technology. Front-end loaders and backhoes make digging and moving materials fast and efficient. For gardening and small-end farm operations, the RT3042R rotary tiller takes care of preparing your soil. Snow blowers and front blades make moving snow fun while helping clear your driveway and roads. See more attachments for the 1025R compact tractor at James River Equipment.

Servicing Sub-Compact Tractors

For service and repair on sub-compact tractors, bring it to James River Equipment. Our team will help with regular maintenance, such as oil changes, to keep your equipment running year after year. With larger issues such as engine or transmission problems, we have the OEM John Deere parts to get it fixed right the first time. If you wish to self-service your compact tractor, we will provide you with the tractor parts and information to do so.

Finance the 1025R at James River Equipment

James River Equipment will get you the financing for the 1025R John Deere compact tractor. Working with John Deere Financial, we provide you with local service to answer any questions. We are transparent throughout the process and will provide info on your interest rate, payment plan options, and more. Come into any of our stores to get approved for financing on a compact tractor today.