John Deere CP770 Cotton Picker with huge bale of cotton mounted behind it harvesting at susnet

John Deere Cotton Picker - The CP770

The John Deere CP770 Cotton Picker at James River Equipment provides incredible efficiency and power to collect cotton from your large fields effortlessly. It can reach speeds of 4.6 mph while harvesting, helping you collect large amounts of cotton faster than ever. Equipped with the latest technology, the CP770 can provide you with crucial data while working on the job. Financing your John Deere cotton picker is easy at James River Equipment. To learn more, stop by any James River Equipment location across North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia.

John Deere CP770 Specs

The John Deere CP770 cotton picker provides all the raw power and efficiency to collect your cotton crops effortlessly. Its 13.6 L engine produces an impressive 555 horsepower and can travel up to 4.6 mph while harvesting. Enjoy up to 20% greater fuel efficiency on the CP770 compared to previous models. John Deere has revamped the round module builder on their cotton pickers, allowing more cotton to be packed into each module and reducing wrapping and hauling costs. Learn more about all the fantastic specs and features at James River Equipment.

John Deere CP770 Cotton Picker Technology

The CP770 at James River Equipment is outfitted with all the latest technologies and features to maximize productivity on your cotton fields. Navigate your fields confidently with the RowSense and AutoTrac guidance systems that use mechanical sensors to guide you through standing crops. The Cotton Pro technology allows you to track the moisture and weight of cotton modules to help make informed decisions while harvesting. The JDLink connectivity that comes standard on John Deere ag equipment helps connect and track all your John Deere machines so you can stay in total control. Talk to our James River Equipment team today to learn more about the technology features of the CP770 cotton picker.

Difference Between Cotton Picker and Cotton Stripper

When considering whether to purchase a John Deere cotton picker or cotton stripper, it is essential to consider each type's specific functions. Cotton pickers are designed to cleanly pick the cotton off the plant while keeping it intact. However, cotton strippers are made to strip the entire boll and part of the plant, typically collecting more stems and leaves as a result. You will need to consider your farming landscape when choosing the suitable model, as cotton pickers may be less effective in collecting tangled or lodged cotton. In contrast, cotton strippers are typically more affordable but require extra processing and cleaning after collection. Our team at James River Equipment can help you decide which machine would be right for you.

Financing Cotton Pickers at James River Equipment

We know John Deere cotton pickers are a significant investment to add to your operation, so our team at James River Equipment is locally available to answer any questions. If you choose to finance with us, we can provide customized solutions to fit your needs. Our partnership with John Deere Financial allows us to offer low-interest rates and flexible repayment plans so you can pay when you get paid. We put our customers first and will walk you through the entire process so you can purchase stress-free. Call us today, or stop by any James River Equipment location to start your journey with the John Deere CP770 cotton picker.