Z530M Zero Turn Mower with 48 inch deck ZTrak parked on large acreage of freshly cut grass

John Deere Z500 Zero Turn Mowers

Find John Deere Z500 zero-turn mowers at James River Equipment to help with your residential lawn care needs. The Z500 models are efficient, offering excellent maneuverability and speed to get the job done. There are four Z500 models you can choose from based on power, deck size, features, and more. Purchasing a used zero-turn mower is a great way to get a more affordable, reliable machine. Have your John Deere mower regularly serviced at James River Equipment to keep it running like new over many years. To learn more about the Z500 models, pricing, specs, and more, visit James River Equipment across North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia today.

Z500 Zero Turn Mower Models and Specs

The Z500 John Deere zero-turn mowers can easily handle your mid-to-large size properties, mowing up to 6 acres at a time and a top speed of 9mph. You can choose from four models based on size, horsepower, and features. See below for how each model compares.  

Model Horsepower Deck Sizes Seat Size Warranty
Z515E 24 hp 48", 54", 60" 18-inch 4-year/300-hour
Z530M 24 hp 48", 54", 60" 20-inch 4-year/300-hour
Z530R 24 hp 54", 60" 22.5-inch 4-year/500-hour
Z545R 25 hp 48", 54", 60" 22.5-inch 4-year/500-hour

All Z500 models can come with an optional MulchControl attachment to cut grass into finer pieces for a cleaner-looking cut. For a great Z500 mower option that is more affordable, check out the Z530M. It offers up to 24 horsepower and a top forward speed of 8 mph. Its 20-inch cut and sewn high back seat with ComfortGlide allows you to stay comfortable while mowing. See the Z530M today at James River Equipment.

Used Zero Turn Mowers for Sale

James River Equipment offers a large selection of used zero-turn mowers for sale. Our used equipment is excellent for those looking to experience the quality of a John Deere mower at a more affordable price. You can be confident that your used mower will be reliable, as all our used equipment is thoroughly inspected and serviced before purchase. Make sure to periodically check our used equipment page, as it may change throughout the year. Click here to see our current used John Deere inventory.

Servicing Zero-Turn Mowers

Regular maintenance on your John Deere zero-turn mower is crucial to ensure you maintain a proper cut and helps prevent damage over time. James River Equipment is proud to be the trusted John Deere dealer that can handle any of your servicing and repair needs. We can perform any service you need, from oil changes to replacing old blades. For more significant issues, our expert technicians can work to get your mower quickly fixed to reduce downtime on your jobs. We use John Deere Deere OEM parts for replacements, so you know you're getting the right pieces. Schedule service online , or give us a call to get started.

Financing John Deere Mowers 

If you're interested in a specific Z500 model, contact our James River Equipment team, and we can give you all the specific information on pricing, specs, features, and more. You can buy with cash or finance your purchase with us today. We offer customized financing solutions based on your unique situation and needs. Our partnership with John Deere Financial enables us to provide competitive interest rates and flexible repayment plans. Our team is locally available to answer any questions and walk you through the process. Call any James River Equipment location today to start your financing application.