5100E Tractor using dual rear bale spear to transport to heavy hay bales.
5100E using front and rear hay bale spears to carry 3 hay bales at once

5E Series John Deere Utility Tractors For Sale

The 5E Series utility tractors from John Deere offer a perfect blend of size and power for your farm chores and tasks. With horsepower options ranging from 50 to 100, it is better customized to your land's needs. Attachments available for John Deere utility tractors include rotary cutters, box blades, front loader attachments, and more. See the most power in the lineup with the 5100E, available at James River Equipment locations. For servicing and maintenance tips on your utility tractor, talk with the experts at James River Equipment.

John Deere 5E Utility Tractor Models Available

See all the 5E utility tractor models for sale near you at James River Equipment. With multiple models, narrow down based on the horsepower needed, 2WD or MFWD, cab options, and more. The PowerTech 3-cylinder engine is available on the 5050E, 5060E, 5067E, and 5075E. The PowerTech 4-cylinder engine is available on the 5090E and 5100E for maximum output. See the John Deere difference at James River Equipment.

Utility Tractor Attachments Near You

Get utility tractor attachments locally at James River Equipment. With locations across North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia, we have the farm equipment you need near you. Attachments include rotary cutters for maintenance in pastures and roadsides and grooming mowers for a cleaner look. Bale spears help move hay bales from the field to storage or to your livestock. With tillers, snow plows, and more attachments for sale, see them all at James River Equipment.

John Deere 5100E Specs

The John Deere 5100E utility tractor is the largest in the 5E Series, putting out 100 HP. Cab options include premium cab, standard cab, or open station, depending on what is best for you. The 5100E has two options for transmission: the PowrReverser 12F/12R and the PowrReverser Hi-Lo 24F/12R. With a Category 2 hitch, hook up various tractor attachments to the back. With JDLink technology from John Deere, the 5100E will give you accurate data on the health of your tractor and tips on when to service it. See the 5100E today at James River Equipment.

Service John Deere Tractors with James River Equipment

Get service and repair on John Deere utility tractors at James River Equipment. Our team has the expertise and training to have your tractor fixed right the first time and get you back to work in the fields. We have the OEM John Deere parts for those who wish to repair and give maintenance to their tractor on their own. Using John Deere OEM parts is always the right choice, as we provide warranties for parts we installed and are guaranteed to fit correctly. Learn more about John Deere warranties on OEM John Deere parts at James River Equipment.