2024 X139 Residential Lawn Mower Tractor mowing a large front lawn

John Deere Residential Lawn Mowers For Sale 

James River Equipment has a wide variety of John Deere residential mowers for sale to help with lawn tasks. Choose the right riding lawn mower for you, either a traditional lawn tractor or a zero-turn mower. We have the model that fits your needs, from ones better suited for small properties to mowers that can handle five or more acres at a time. John Deere lawn tractors are available at all of our James River Equipment locations across North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia. Stop by today to see our John Deere residential lawn mowers for yourself. 

Different Riding Lawn Mower Types

There are several factors to consider when choosing between a lawn tractor or a zero-turn mower. Below are some of the features of both types:

Lawn Tractors

  • Standard steering wheel
  • Can handle attachments
  • Stability on uneven terrain
  • Comfortable Seating

Zero Turn Mowers

  • Two independent drive systems
  • Faster engines
  • Better maneuverability
  • Even cut patterns

If you're still on the fence about purchasing a lawn tractor or a zero-turn mower, talk to our team at James River Equipment today, and we'll help you decide the best type for your needs.

Lawn Tractors Near You

John Deere lawn tractors will be the workhorse for your residence. These tractors are made in five categories: the 100, 200, X300, X500, and X700 Series. Each category is designed to suit a variety of lifestyles and needs, from the 100 series for smaller properties, generally less than 1 acre, to the X700 Series, which has better engine capabilities and can handle much larger lawns. For the best in class, check out the X758 , which features a 3-cylinder engine, standard 4WD, up to a 60-inch mowing deck, and a 4-year/700-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty. Stop by James River Equipment to see our entire John Deere residential lawn tractor inventory.

John Deere Zero-Turn Mowers

John Deere zero-turn mowers at James River Equipment provide the ultimate maneuverability and precision for your lawn. Zero-turn mowers mow at higher speeds and provide cleaner cuts so you can quickly get the job done. Experience incredible control while mowing with the two handles that can do sharp turns to navigate tight terrain. Zero-turn mowers are available in three types: the Z300, Z500, and Z700 Series. Choose one that fits your needs based on size, mowing capabilities, and speed. See our John Deere zero-turn mowers at James River Equipment today.

Financing Residential Lawn Mowers

James River Equipment has excellent financing options for purchasing a John Deere residential lawn mower. We partner with John Deere Financial to provide competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options. Our team is happy to walk you through the entire purchasing process so you can get to work mowing your home or property. Call us or stop by any of our James River Equipment locations today to get started.