John Deere's forward-thinking forwarders are loaded with improvements such as increased power and torque.

Knuckleboom Loaders

Need help at the landing? John Deere Knuckleboom Loaders have always been some of the most rugged machines in the forest.


Incorporating an easy-to-maintain design and our most rugged axles ever, our L-II Series grapple skidders and cable skidders are reliable and well equipped to handle the toughest forest environments.

Swing Machines

Whether you're log loading, road building, decking, shovel logging, or processing/harvesting, John Deere Swing Machines will help you move more wood, more efficiently.

Tracked Feller Bunchers

Our track feller bunchers outrun expectations. Explore standard and long-reach boom options, multiple attachment choices and long and wide undercarriages for greater stability.

Tracked Harvesters

Our tracked harvesters meet tough conditions with thoughtful solutions. John Deere Tracked Harvesters were made to tackle your most demanding tasks.

Wheeled Feller Bunchers

John Deere L-II Series Wheeled Feller Bunchers were engineered to be simple to run, easy to maintain, and reliable. They're ready to go, no matter what the forest throws your way.

Wheeled Harvesters

Whether you are thinning, regeneration harvesting, or working in demanding conditions like soft soils or steep slopes, there is a Deere six-wheel or eight-wheel harvester to fit your needs.