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Service Department

Our service department operates with speed, accuracy, and efficiency providing nothing less than the best service for our partners. We provide customers with quality customer service, to both internal and external customers, and offer advanced service solutions and product support to both the Sales and Parts Departments.

What does it take to be a part of the James River Service team?

Explore our current job openings for Service Technicians.

JDU Apprentice

-Apprentice Tech-

JDU Enrollment

Actively Enrolled in John Deere University

Apprentice Tech Skills Include:
  • Engages in learning opportunities of John Deere Parts & Machines
  • Organized and Punctual
  • Basic Knowledge of Maintenance Requirements

You're mechanically inclined, comfortable around all types of equipment. Dive into hands-on experience with James River Equipment where you'll learn the basic functions of the Service Department.

Level 1 JDU

-Level 1-

Completes Level 1 Tech Training & 3 New Machine Qualifications in John Deere University

Level 1 Skills Include:
  • Internal and External Customer Service
  • Component Identification & Replacement
  • Knowledge on Maintaining All John Deere Equipment

You are vital to the uptime of our customers' worksite. Problem solvers, customer-focused, and team players, you are the reason customers come to us with their machines!

Level 2 JDU

-Level 2-

Completes Level 2 Tech Training & Capstone Class in John Deere University

Level 2 Skills Include:
  • Advanced Service Solutions & Product Support
  • Electrical & Hydraulic Diagnostics
  • Component Rebuild & Basic Welding

You are daily providing customer quality service to both internal and external customers, and you offer advanced support to both the Sales and Parts Departments!

Level 3 JDU

-Level 3-

Completes Level 3 Tech Training & 2 Support Short Line Classes in John Deere University

Level 3 Skills Include:
  • Knowledge of Warranty System & Root Cause Failures
  • Quality Relationships with Customers
  • Speciality in Focused Area of Service
  • Capable of Taking On a Field or Resident Technician Role

Considered one of James River Equipment's most advanced technicians, you're a jack-of-all-trades and a mentor to younger techs! The ability to quickly perform and clearly explain repair procedures comes naturally to you as a Level 3 Technician!

Level 4 JDU

-Level 4-

Completes Service Management Path & 4 Support Short Line Classes in John Deere University

Level 4 Skills Include:
  • Team Training & Department Leadership
  • Financial Knowledge
  • Elite Service Performance
  • Capable of Taking On a Field or Resident Technician Role

Not all heroes wear capes, and you are a Service Department hero! Highly skilled, strong relationship builder, adaptable, and often the face of James River, you keep our customers running!

Shop Foreman

The go-to person in the shop with the know-how for any project, challenge, and machine - that's you! Leadership in the shop comes naturally to you to provide a productive and enjoyable environment for your team.

Service Writer

This position works with the customer through the entire service process to ensure complete satisfaction. You're a social go-getter, ready with all the numbers both your team and customers need.

Service Manager

Are you a team builder? A multi-tasker? A people person, as well as a leader? This position supervises the Service Department to ensure customer satisfaction.