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Parts Department

From the counter to the warehouse, to the showroom, to customer relationships, we provide customers with accuracy and efficiency; professionalism with that wow-factor customer service! The Parts Department is full of ways to grow your career!

What does it take to be a part of the James River parts team?

Explore our current job openings for Parts Specialists.

JDU 20 Hours

-Level 1-

JDU Enrollment

Completes 20 hours of John Deere University Training.

Level 1 Skills Include:
  • Independent
  • Customer Service
  • Engages in Learning Opportunities of John Deere Parts and Machines
  • Goal Oriented

Be ready to hit the ground running in this fast-paced environment! You'll gain in-depth knowledge of what it takes to run a successful dealership while honing your management skills and partnering closely with department managers.

Level 2 JDU

-Level 2-

Silver Level in JDU

Completes 40 hours of John Deere University Training.

Level 2 Skills Include:
  • Team Builder
  • Financial Knowledge
  • Efficiency in Parts Identification, Location & Transportation
  • Builds Customer Relationships

You enjoy being the go-to person when a customer needs a part, and you appreciate the satisfaction of keeping a customer's machine up and running with the right parts!

Techs Worksite JRE

-Level 3-

Gold Level in JDU

Completes 60 hours of John Deere University Training.

Level 3 Skills Include:
  • Strong Customer Connection
  • Creative Problem Solving on Customers' Behalf
  • Leadership on Parts Team
  • Decision Making Skills
  • Plays Crucial Part in Store Experience & James River's Business System

You are a critical link in ensuring that our customers have a rewarding experience that will keep them coming back to James River Equipment time after time. You're extremely knowledgeable about heavy equipment parts and can accurately answer questions and satisfy customer requirements in person or on the phone.

Parts Advisor

As a Parts Advisor, you love a role that has high variety - allowing you to demonstrate your ability to successfully juggle priorities! You enjoy training others and resolving strategic challenges. If you are confident in your Parts Management and People skills this is the job for you!

Parts Manager

Parts Manager is the face of the Parts Department! You're a team builder, a people person, and a leader! This position supervises the parts department to ensure customer satisfaction throughout the entire buying process to keep them coming back time-after-time.

Store Manager

You have the ability and know-how to lead the team. You're always taking initiative to administrate and take on team management throughout your store's location.