The best in battery with the most comprehensive line-up

Greenworks battery-powered equipment is the most dependable and reliable there is on the market today.

No gas, less noise, less vibration, no emissions, longer runtime, and superior power, are just some of the things Greenworks Commercial customers love about these products.

It's quieter, cleaner, less to maintain, therefore costs less money than gas alternatives. Take a test drive or demo the handheld equipment to see for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

This mower does not have the normal gasoline mower wear/maintenance items: belts, filters, etc. The batteries are sealed and require no maintenance.

A replacement 5 AH battery is $299. There are 6 batteries per mower.

The blades will shut off when the battery reaches 10%. When this occurs, the unit is still drivable for up to 1 mile. When the battery reaches 5%, the drive speed will slow down. The batteries are removable, so they can always be removed and carried to the charger.

It requires just under 3 KWh to recharge all 6 batteries from empty to completely charged.

72 minutes charge time per battery, and there are 3 dual-rapid chargers per mower, therefore you can charge all 6 empty batteries for 144 minutes to achieve a complete charge.

The battery is rated to have 70% or more of max battery life remaining after 500 cycles. A cycle is a complete charging cycle from empty to full. The batteries are smart and can be charged at any point in the cycle without degrading performance.

Battery mowers are able to detect the greater load on the electric drive or blade motors and direct more energy to those motors to ensure constant power when under load whether on a slope or in thick grass. This extra load will decrease battery life; however, it will also ensure superior cut and performance and decrease the need for spending more time double cutting.

*3-year savings based on 500 hours $0.54 price/kWh vs 500 hours at $4.91/hour over 10 years. Estimated $282 annual gas maintenance. 10 years of electricity and service/maintenance vs 10 years of fuel and service/maintenance