Lawn Tractor Selector

Residential Lawn Tractors

Good Options for Less than 1 Acre

Built in Greeneville, Tennessee, our 100 Series Lawn Tractors are our affordable, comfortable, easy-to-use lawn tractor line-up.

Better Options for 1 to 2 Acres

The best yards are planted with real memories. That's why the John Deere 200 Sport Series lets you spend less time working on your lawn, and more time enjoying it.

Best Options for 1 to 2 Acres

1-2 Acres? No problem. The X300 Select Series or the Z300 Zero-Turns are here to divide and conquer so you can make the most of your yard.

Best Options for 2 to 5 Acres

Meet the X500 and Z500 Lawn Mowers that are designed for 2-5 Acres of land. Multi-terrain and multi-talented. Mow where you need to go and do heavy-duty work, too.

Best Options for 3+ Acres

The ultimate in lawn mowers - X700 and Z700 Series. These mowers have the capability to mow much better, faster.