Commercial Mowing Service

Z9 Spring Service Special

Z9 Series (Carbureted) $269 + tax
Z9 Series (Diesel & EFI) $289 + tax

Services include (where applicable):

Engine oil & filter change
Air filter change
Fuel filter change
Spark plugs change
Lube all grease fittings
Level deck & inspect belts
Sharpen blades
Check tire pressures
Test run and safety inspection

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*Guaranteed no internal engine failures until 6/21/23; Fuel system issues/failures excluded; 100 hour maximum guarantee limitation; If an internal engine failure occures, customer will receive a credit of $269 or $289 (depending on model) towards the repair of their machine at a James River location; Offer dates 1/1/23 through 3/31/23; See James River for details; Some restritions may apply.