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With technology evolving, are you confident you are keeping up with it's potential? With solutions to help monitor your fleet's health and productivity on the jobsite to fine-tuning your planting and application practices in the field, John Deere technology allows you to dial in the details.

James River Equipment's technology teams are here to help you make the most of the technology already at your fingertips.

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On The Farm

Your machines are smarter than ever today. With James River's Integrated Solutions team, harness the full potential of your equipment.

Dive into the solutions available to harvest the benefits of precision technology.

On The Jobsite

You may hear the buzz words in the industry like Machine Control or Fleet Monitoring, but what does it mean to your bottom line?

Explore how Worksight Solutions from James River Equipment can take your operation to the next level of profitability!

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Technology Events

Looking to brush up on new practices with technology? Take a look at the available events hosted by our technology teams!

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Committed To Your Success

Diving into new technology can be stressful and uncertain, but with a partner like James River by your side, know you are in the hands of experts. Dedicated to your success, James River Equipment has the resources for one-on-one training, installations, and remote assistance.