50 to 100HP Utility

The 5E Series brings advancements from our large row crop tractors and introduces them to the utility tractor class. Tackle tougher jobs with features normally only found on larger tractors.

75 to 125HP Utility

The redefined 5M Utility Tractor gives dairy farming, bailing hay, snow removal and more valuable features on a more versatile and maneuverable tractor.

90 to 125HP Utility

The premium 5R Series (90 to 125 HP) introduces premium features to the utility tractor class. Compare all 5R models.

105 to 135HP Utility

With horsepower ranging from 105 to 135, the 6E Series Tractors are built to get the tougher jobs done. Review our series of affordable, reliable and easy to use John Deere utility tractors for all of your work needs.

110 to 195HP Large Utility and Row Crop

With 8 models ranging from 110 to 195 HP, the 6M is fully customizable, so you get everything you need, and nothing you don't.

110 to 250HP Large Utility and Row Crop

Get the power, reliability & efficiency you need with John Deere 6R Utility Tractors.

210 to 350HP Row Crop

The 7R Series Tractors have high power density because of their low overall machine weight and high horsepower rating.

230 to 410HP Row Crop

With more power, versatility and durability than any generation of 8 Series Tractor before it, these are the high-horsepower Row Crop Tractors to lead us into the next 100 years.

390 to 640HP 4WD and Track

The 9 Series Tractors are built to defy convention. With more engine horsepower (390 - 640 engine HP) and efficient FT4 engine technology, these machines welcome a good challenge.