50 to 100HP Utility

The 5E Series brings advancements from our large row crop tractors and introduces them to the utility tractor class. Tackle tougher jobs with features normally only found on larger tractors.

75 to 125HP Utility

The redefined 5M Utility Tractor gives dairy farming, bailing hay, snow removal and more valuable features on a more versatile and maneuverable tractor.

105 to 135HP Utility

With horsepower ranging from 105 to 135, the 6E Series Tractors are built to get the tougher jobs done. Review our series of affordable, reliable and easy to use John Deere utility tractors for all of your work needs.

110 to 195HP Large Utility and Row Crop

With 8 models ranging from 110 to 195 HP, the 6M is fully customizable, so you get everything you need, and nothing you don't.

110 to 250HP Large Utility and Row Crop

Get the power, reliability & efficiency you need with John Deere 6R Utility Tractors.

210 to 350HP Row Crop

The 7R Series Tractors have high power density because of their low overall machine weight and high horsepower rating.

230 to 410HP Row Crop

With more power, versatility and durability than any generation of 8 Series Tractor before it, these are the high-horsepower Row Crop Tractors to lead us into the next 100 years.

390 to 640HP 4WD and Track

The 9 Series Tractors are built to defy convention. With more engine horsepower (390 - 640 engine HP) and efficient FT4 engine technology, these machines welcome a good challenge.

John Deere Tractors for Sale at James River Equipment

John Deere tractors are versatile, coming in many sizes and models to prepare you for all conditions. Series 1-4 models include compact tractors and are great for managing smaller operations and daily tasks. Step into the line of utility tractors for sizeable horsepower, greater versatility, and more customization. Large-row crop tractors will give you the power, performance, and durability to keep your operation going year after year. Visit our locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia to purchase or apply for financing on a new tractor today.

New Farm Equipment Technology

New farm equipment from John Deere brings you the latest and greatest technology advancements. Options available on John Deere farm equipment include:

  • AutoTrac™ Precision Guidance: Use GPS technology to navigate through your field and make multiple passes accurately.
  • JDLink™ Telematics: Check on the performance of your new tractor in real-time and get feedback on how to optimize your time better.
  • CommandCenter™ Display: John Deere’s user interface allows you to adjust settings simply.
  • ActiveCommand™ Steering: ActiveCommand™ steering will help limit driver fatigue and help you control your farm equipment.

Get the maximum output out of your fields with John Deere’s new farm equipment technology. Speak with our trained staff today about utilizing John Deere technology on your farm. 

New John Deere Tractors

Utility tractors from John Deere complete the variety of jobs you have easily. 4WD on them will ensure you can get through treacherous conditions to hit your deadlines. Offerings are available with an open station or cab seating for maximum operator customization. The new 5M John Deere tractor makes baling hay, snow removal, or manure management a breeze. Customize a series 6 tractor with transmission, engine, tires, cabin amenities, and more options. Contact James River and get the personalized John Deere tractor of your dreams.

John Deere Farm Equipment for Row Crops

John Deere’s row crop tractors will have your fields planted properly and efficiently. Series 6 models feature horsepower from 145 to 250. Series 7 210 HP-310HP, with Series 8 ready for the giant jobs with 245HP-400HP. Technology in these row crop tractors will have your seeds planted at the desired depth and proper spacing, setting you up for the highest yield. Get carts and bins into the field in harvest season with row crop tractors ready for the task. Call our team to talk about getting a John Deere row crop tractor on your land.

Compact Tractors for All Work

Get the line of John Deere compact tractors for completing numerous assignments. The Series 1 is designed for multiple attachments and can have many uses. Get a post-hole digger, and finish that fence in record time. Use a backhoe and front loader to have a mini tractor. Do your landscaping with the 2032R by attaching a blade and front loader. Horsepower ranges from 20 to 66, ensuring you have the adaptability you need around your house or farm. Get the highest-performing compact tractors in John Deere at James River Equipment. Locations are available in North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina, and West Virginia.