Harvesting Equipment

S Series Combines

Whatever the conditions or the operator, the S700 Series Combines automatically give you consistent grain quality. This gives you the confidence that your combine is compensating for changing conditions.

X Series Combines

Learn about X-Series Combine Harvesters from John Deere and discover larger capacity and integrated technology. That's harvesting to the power of X.

Draper Platforms

Explore our inventory of John Deere hinged Drapers, which reduce total header loss while consistently maintaining desired cut height to put more grain in your tank.

Auger Platforms

The 600 Series HydraFlex Platforms were designed to match the high capacity of the S-Series Combines and are equipped with a range of performance boosting features.

Corn Heads

The perfect match for the most powerful John Deere combines. You can't offer an incredibly powerful and productive combine without delivering front-end equipment that can keep up with it.