New Post on the JRE: AN INTERNSHIP blog!

posted on Wednesday, July 10, 2013 in Blog

I apologize for the lag between posts, I have been busy lately doing my actual job: marketing.  One of these days I’ll write a blog about what I was actually hired to do here, it’s pretty fun stuff.  But alas, my latest JRE adventure took me out into the field with a James River customer service representative to work with loggers and other operators of John Deere yellow.  In preparation for my outing, I was told to wear safety goggles, a hardhat, and steel-toed boots.  I was stumped.  If I had to guess, my cowboy boots are probably a blend of plastic and polyester, not equipped to stand up to my rolly desk chair, let alone industrial equipment.  I contemplated my snow boots but had even less faith in those.  The thick fluffy lining is excellent for protecting my feet from the cold, but won’t work so well for defending me against an excavator.  As far as hard hats go, my first thought was that my little brother was once Bob the Builder for Halloween, but I’m pretty sure he was four at the time and I am kind of big headed, so that hard hat was not going to cut it.