posted on Wednesday, June 5, 2013 in Blog

Hello readers, My name is Clarissa, and I am just beginning my summer before my senior year at The College of William and Mary. I am from Richmond, Virginia, and my interests include but are not limited to running, online shopping, yoga, rereading Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility, chai tea, and most recently, tractors. You may be asking yourself where this fascination with tractors is coming from, as it is not a passion shared by many of my college-aged colleagues at school. I am currently spending my summer as an intern with James River Equipment at the office in Ashland, Virginia, with my job focusing mainly on marketing and more specifically social media. While scrolling through internship positions on William and Mary’s career website, this one caught my eye right away. There has always been something so romantic about farm culture; picture Gone with the Wind circa 2013. I briefly glanced over the job description before launching into my usual soliloquy about why I would be the perfect candidate. As it goes with most job application submissions, I was under the impression that I would likely never hear anything back. However, less than 24 hours later I had a message in my inbox requesting a phone interview. I sat there for a few minutes musing on my childhood adventures riding in the trailer on my grandpa’s John Deere as he hauled my brothers, cousins and me around his neighborhood, which thrilled us more than any carnival ride. I eagerly agreed to the interview and promptly telephoned my grandpa, who was thrilled with the opportunity, even referring to it as “getting in touch with my roots.” Both of my grandparents had grown up in the agriculture industry. To make a relatively short story even shorter, the phone interview went great and I had a job offer from JRE less than a week later. I was thrilled and immediately accepted, without waiting to hear back from any other positions. I thought that having been on a tractor before, listening to country music, owning a pair of cowboy boots, and watching the show Nashville religiously qualified me for this job. Upon my arrival in the office, I realized just how much I had underestimated the complexity of this industry. Hydraulics, combines, GPS farming, automated crop reporting, so many alien concepts. So here I am, full of ideas and enthusiasm but with little to no idea what I am talking about. The point of writing this blog this summer will be to share some of my lessons as I come to understand them, and I plan to chronicle the most interesting bits of knowledge that I acquire each day at JRE. Whether you are an industry enthusiast or a total amateur like me, feel free to follow my experiences and offer input!

Until next time, Clarissa