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Machine Control

The most significant buzz word in the industry, "Machine Control," has the potential to take rookie operators and make them veterans. For your veteran operators, Machine Control can make them rock stars. When it comes down to it, Machine Control can increase your project quality and productivity, which all affect your bottom line.

James River Equipment is here to help you adopt these practices, regardless of the brand of equipment.

This image shows a John Deere 1050K SmartGrade Dozer on a jobsite pushing through and moving dirt. Mud and dirt on the dozer tracks. Operator inside cab wearing a orange safety vest, safety glasses, and a construction helmet. Sunny Partly Cloudy Day with trees in the background on a construction jobsite. John Deere 1050K SmartGrade Dozer.

Prevent Downtime

Typically, one would have to call a surveyor to come out and place grade stakes all around the jobsite. However, with machine grade control, you are limiting the amount of actual survey information you need; instead, you are taking that same survey information and putting it right at the tip of your fingertips directly onto your smartphone or tablet.

fleet intelligence screenshot of the program viewing a customer's fleet

Optimize performance

By using Grade Control and setting an accurate subgrade, you’re able to bring that material in and place it more efficiently and faster, which allows you to save on those expensive materials costs. All of these factors combined are precisely what James River Equipment wants to help you do; be more productive and more efficient on your jobsite.

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