With any new precision ag strategy, groundwork needs to be laid in order to get started. These tools below will allow you to have a solid starting point for collecting accurate and robust data.

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Tile Installation

Elevate your land leveling design with T3rra Cutta from James River Equipment. This software took the best of terrain design and applied the technology to the uses of professional farmers. With T3rra Cutta, design terraces, levees, and drains work with multiple fields at the same time to perform whole-farm designs and view your designs in Google Earth. Once you are done creating, take that plan into the field. Export your model and take it to the tractor for seamless guidance and plan execution.

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WeDesign Maps

Thims image shows an example of a boundary map provided by 4Rivers Equipment's Furrow Focus division.

Veris Mapping

Explore boundry mapping

To effectively practice precision ag, you have to know what your constants are. Your constants are soil, elevations/slope, and water. Understand your field at the deepest level. With Veris Mapping, get insights into the variability in water-holding capacity, organic matter, yield potential, and nematode pressure.

Putting this information down in a map that you can better prescribe solutions for your field -ultimately giving you actionable data for your machines to apply. With the knowledge of both equipment and agronomy, James River Equipment has the support you need to streamline your plan in the field. Get to know your fields’ soil electrical conductivity and organic matter with Veris Mapping from James River Equipment.

colorful heat map depicting em rtk mapping of yields for a farmer's field. Green, yellow, orange, red, dark blue, and light blue colors depicting different yields. farm house and barn in the bottom left is cutting out a portion of the map because it a non-farmable area. farmer's field boundaries.

Zone Creation

They are maximizing the efficiency of your land by eliminating limiting factors. Smart Zones from James River Equipment allows you to reduce inputs in the field by giving you a guide for application. Utilizing your field data, JRE helps you establish zones to best use fertilizer, seed, nitrogen, or other prescriptions. Our Integrated Solution Specialists will help set your boundaries, so your equipment is ready to apply according to prescription.

JRE can help you navigate your farm data and provide several options to put plans into action. JRE helps create zones by looking at the data and assessing your goals and consulting with your ASPs. Using Ag Studio, JRE can implement your plan via engaging your equipment.

More technology features

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Let's get down to the basics. Understanding your soil, topographic data, and field boundaries allow you to start planning your field activities zone by zone. James River Equipment has the means to collect, analyze, present, and store this information.

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Now that we have mapped your operation's diverse makeup let's plan for the future by applying what data may be available from the past. Identify the fields that would be best suited for variable rate seeding, fertilizer, or irrigation prescription technologies.

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Let it grow with the right nutrients at the right time, all based on real-time data. James River Equipment's Integrated Solutions team offers dynamic irrigation management and microclimate technologies that dial in water management in your plant's lifecycle.

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When it comes down to it, James River Equipment teams know your equipment's technology the best. That's why we are here to make sure you yield the highest potential throughout the year with equipment support services.