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James River Equipment Presents SL Williamson Charlottesville, VA | SL Williamson Chris Neal of SL Williamson talks of the importance...

James River Equipment Presents SL Williamson

Charlottesville, VA | SL Williamson

Chris Neal of SL Williamson talks of the importance of a dealer willing to go the extra mile for a road-building company like themselves. When it’s go-time, James River Equipment and Wirtgen Group are there to support their machines to make the most of every moment.

SL Williamson Equipment Manager, Chris Neal, knows their business isn’t your average nine to five job. They usually have more things to get done after that. As equipment manager, he knows that support on weekends and after-hours is hard to come by. That’s why he works with James River Equipment.

Chris explains, “We have a good relationship with James River. I needed a part yesterday morning and I texted the parts manager before they were open and I was there, back, and done and the store wasn’t even open yet.”

They’ve had a few instances like that Chris goes on. “Whether it’s calling a mechanic on a Sunday because something broke down or calling a parts guy or texting him before or after-hours about a part you need, and they do it. I mean they respond and they help you and do what they can.”

Another reason Chris and SL Williamson work with James River Equipment is simply because of their quality equipment. The Wirtgen Group has become a pillar of the John Deere brand and continues to grow worldwide.

“The technology on the Wirtgen equipment is unbelievable really and we don’t have many problems with them, and that makes my life easier,” Chris describes. Going on to say, “They’re built well, they’re engineered well. A lot of the diagnostics you can do right there on-site.”

During the winter months is when Chris will usually get their major equipment maintenance done; around January through March. He knows that even though it’s off-season, it can sometimes be the busiest time of year. But with James River Equipment’s annual service inspections on asphalt equipment, they not only have the peace of mind that their equipment will be ready to go next season, but they also get 10% off Wirtgen parts. Check out more about Asphalt Equipment Inspections and how to get your equipment inspected today and receive 10% off Wirtgen parts.

Chris describes, “They do a little write-up on what each machine needs so I know what I need to buy and what I need to be prepared for. So when that machine hits our shop, we know we got a list and we need to do this, this, and this. It works pretty well. We get a lot of work done between January and March. It is not the slow period for me; I can tell you that. That is my busiest time of year.

James River goes the extra mile for their customers. Whether it’s parts, sales, or service; James River Equipment is always ready and willing to help.

“That’s the kind of help people need in today’s world, is a little extra…”



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