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To be the best equipment company in the region, James River Equipment must deliver outstanding service. Our teams are armed with technology solutions to help quickly diagnose and troubleshoot issues, getting you back to work as soon as possible.

Our technicians enroll in John Deere University and other allied brand training programs, so they are ready to handle even the most challenging service requests. It all comes down to our people, and we employ some of the best-trained technicians in the business.

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Winter Service Specials Large Ag

That equipment you’ve used all season took a beating. Service it, before you store it, with a winter service inspection from James River Equipment! The highly trained techs at James River will thoroughly inspect your
machine to keep it running strong. Save today!

Winter Service Specials

That equipment you’ve used all summer took a beating. Service it, before you store it, with a winter service inspection from James River Equipment! Whether you have a John Deere mower, tractor, side-by-side, or combine, the highly trained techs at James River will thoroughly inspect your
machine to keep it running strong. Save today!

Don’t let a small problem turn into a work-stopping, budget-breaking crisis. A John Deere Protect Service Plan from James River Equipment helps you keep your total machine costs down and removes your maintenance planning burden so you can focus on running your business.

Asphalt Equipment Inspections

Find out how to get your Asphalt Equipment inspected for FREE through February!

Fluid Analysis

It only takes half an hour of service to lower your chances of catastrophic equipment failures. Let James River Equipment avoid any machine deterioration by performing fluid analysis services on your engine oil, hydraulic oil, or gear oil. We know that your construction, forestry, and mining businesses depend on reliable equipment, and we're here to make sure that equipment runs effortlessly. Even the smallest fragments of dirt and dust can contaminate the oil and jeopardize your engine. Fluid analysis is recommended for all machines every 250-500 hours, subject to the manual instructions.

The best way to ensure less downtime is to schedule fluid analysis throughout the year to check for patterns that could signal a problem. Not only is it critical to schedule these appointment intervals, but it is also equally important to use pure samples. Our trained technicians take the most accurate oil scan samples and recommend treatments for dirty oil.

Fluid Analysis can start at $12, either for self-testing or by one of our technicians. We can perform the Fluid Analysis alongside any other maintenance you receive from us. When your James River Equipment technician is servicing or delivering any parts or products, ask about getting an oil scan simultaneously. After scanning your oil, we will provide you with a report and recommendations for dealing with pollution. A required Fluid Analysis is needed in most Extended Warranty programs.

Super Caddy Service | Oil Dialysis

Small particles of dust and water can contaminate the oil and cause severe damage to system components, including rapid wear and potentially catastrophic failure. Protect your equipment investment with our Super Caddy service. Super Caddy is dialysis for your oil system that provides a premier filtration service. Gain complete confidence that you're avoiding fluid contamination and component failures.

Onboard sensors analyze fluid and display temperature, percentage of water saturation, and amount of particulate matter. Bypass filters remove contaminants from the portion of oil circulating through the system, returning a steady stream of extremely well-filtered oil to the tank. Your technician can perform this service on fluids in any machine in your fleet, in the shop, or in-the-field.

Track Management Service | Undercarriage

Undercarriage expense reflects up to 50% of the total maintenance cost of most track machines. James River Equipment is committed to helping you manage this portion of your construction business to improve productivity and lower your operating cost. Our Track Management Service is a vital part of this commitment.

Our Customer Support Advisors will evaluate your undercarriage on a scheduled basis and provide the necessary recommendations to help you make informed decisions about the correct repair option or maintenance needed. Undercarriage Systems require Service and Maintenance, regardless of brand or manufacturer. When the need arises, you can feel confident that James River Equipment has the expertise and repair options you need to maximize each component's life expectancy.

Rubber Tracks

James River Equipment also offers a wide variety of rubber tracks for your compact equipment. We have rubber tracks in inventory for Skid Steer Loaders and Mini Excavators for Bobcat, CAT, CASE, New Holland, Takeuchi, Komatsu, and Kubota. Our rubber tracks are backed by one of the best warranties in the industry. Mini Excavators are warranted for 18 months or 1500 hours of operation. Our SSL tracks are warranted for 12 months or 1000 hours of operation, on a pro-rated basis, against any manufacturer's defects.