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James River Equipment Presents Marion Brothers Logging Franklin Marion is a father, business owner, and most importantly, a logger. He...

James River Equipment Presents Marion Brothers Logging

Franklin Marion is a father, business owner, and most importantly, a logger. He and his two sons, Keith and Curtis, are the foundation of the company and they know the meaning of the ups and downs in the logging industry. With support from James River Equipment and John Deere, this family business continues to sustain and grow.

It’s no secret that the logging industry has changed over the past couple of decades. Franklin explains how back in the day, 15-20 loads was a good day. Nowadays, if they don’t get at least about 120 loads per day, it’s not a good day. Even on rainy days, you used to get the day off if there was rain. Nowadays, if you don’t work because it’s a rainy day, someone else will. The family’s motto is: “Gotta’ work to pay the bills.” Simple yet meaningful; just like the logging industry itself.

Just like many loggers, Marion Brothers logging believes in Murphy’s Law; “anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

Luckily, one of his sons Curtis knows about JDLink and the technology features that John Deere offers for the logging and forestry industry. They work with James River Equipment’s Worksight Solutions technology department for everything JDLink.

Curtis describes how JDLink has helped them immensely with downtime and machine efficiency. JDLink can remotely diagnose a machine from anywhere so you can instantly know when a machine on a jobsite has something wrong with it. Moreover, you’ll know exactly what the issue is. You won’t need to try to figure out what’s wrong with the machine yourself. James River Equipment will let you know when something with your machine needs attention before you even realize it. For more info about JDLink, check out the resources at the bottom.

Curtis says, “The JDLink thing was a big jump in being able to self diagnose from 4 counties away to a different crew when something happens. I get an email instantly and can let somebody know that there’s a machine on that job that’s having some kind of issue. It’s all pretty self-explanatory, so you at least know where to dive into off the bat rather than ‘we’ve got a code coming up and we don’t know what it is.’ The less downtime we have, the better our productivity is.”

Franklin explains: “James River Equipment has always been very helpful. They have always been willing to go above and beyond to get us back running when we need them.”

In regards to their equipment, Franklin gives detail about how Marion Brothers logging no longer finances their machine through their normal bank.

Saying, “There used to be a time we’d always use the bank to finance stuff with. You can compare the interest rates of John Deere Financial to the bank, it’s no comparison.”

Considering the fact that they sell wood now for less than they did 20 years ago, but with the same expenses, finding the right people to finance your equipment through is very important. That’s why Marion Brothers use John Deere Financial instead of their normal bank. Check out some resources for John Deere Financial below.

The logging industry isn’t what it used to be nor will it ever be what it used to be. Too much supply, and not enough demand. While it’ll always be logging, they just hope it’s better than what it is now.

James River Equipment would like to personally thank Franklin, Keith, Curtis, and Marion Brothers Logging for allowing us to hear their story and for everything they do for the world behind the scenes. James River Equipment will be with you every step of the way.


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