Motor Grader

  • Net Power: 175 kW (235 hp)
  • Operating Weight: 19 205 kg (42 340 lb)
  • Blade Pull: 15 501 kg (34,173 lb.)
  • Net Torque Rise: 63%


John Deere SmartGrade Motor Graders are fully integrated and calibrated from the factory, arriving at your jobsite ready to work.

Integration into the SmartGrade cabin and structures helps shield key grade-control components such as wire harnesses and sensors from damage and theft.

  • Ash-service intervals for the diesel particulate filter (DPF) are condition based and may not be necessary until the first engine overhaul. Machine application, regular maintenance practices, and type of lubrication oil impact intervals.
  • Exclusive cooling package eliminates stacked coolers. Pivoting coolers together with the hinged swing-out fan, access to the cores is quick and cleaning is easy.
  • Standard hydraulically driven cool-on-demand reversing fan slows when the engine is idling to reduce fuel consumption and bystander noise levels. Reversing fan automatically cycles at operator-selected intervals to eject debris from the radiator and cooler cores.
  • Jackscrew-adjusted side-shift wear inserts keep the moldboard tight and precise. Takes only minutes to return tolerances to factory spec.
  • Two-hour replaceable super-tough draft frame and circle wear inserts minimize maintenance labor.
  • Choose from front scarifier, mid-mount scarifier, or rear scarifier/ripper. There's also a front-lift option that simplifies adding a bulldozer blade or V-plow.

Large service doors open wide, and same-side daily checkpoints are conveniently grouped for easy ground-level access.

  • Exclusive ball-and-socket draft-frame pivot and seven-position saddle provide best-in-class blade setup and improved ditch cutting, ditch cleaning, and reach outside the tires.
  • Long-term durability is bolstered by larger-than-usual articulation joint roller bearings.
  • Narrow center console and streamlined saddle bring the blade and front tires within focus.
  • On GP models control linkages are eliminated and large lower front windows further enhance visibility.
  • For unsurpassed productivity with a grade-control system, opt for a GP model. Eight armrest-mounted fingertip-actuated controls, including steering lever, are arranged in the industry-standard pattern on each side of the steering wheel. No extra levers required for grade control.
  • Automated cross-slope simplifies holding a consistent slope by reducing operation to a single lever.
  • At the touch of a button, return-to-straight automatically straightens an articulated frame. For quicker work cycles.

Automatic differential lock stays engaged when travelling straight, disengages in turns exceeding 10 degrees, and re-engages when returning to straight. Although fully automatic, this feature can be overridden by the operator via toggle switch.


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DRIVELINE 670g-motor-grader
Current Model
Engine Manufacturer John Deere
Engine ModelPowerTech PSS 9.0L
Displacement, ltr (Inches�)9 (548)
Engine Output - Net, kW (hp)175 (235)
Torque Rise, %67
Transmission ManufacturerJohn Deere
Number Of Speeds - Forward8
Number Of Speeds - Reverse8
Tire size - Standard14.00 - 24
Service Brake TypeMultiple Wet Discs
Service Brake ActuationHydraulic
Overall Length, mm (ft/in)8890 (29 ft 2 in)
Height Over ROPS, mm (ft/in)3180 (10 ft 5 in)
Wheelbase, mm (ft/in)6160 (20 ft 3 in)
Bladebase, mm (ft/in)2570 (8 ft 5 in)
Moldboard Height, mm (inches)610 (24)
Width - Moldboard, mm (ft/in)3660 (12 ft )
Frame Circle Diameter, mm (inches)1524 (60)
Thickness - Moldboard, mm (inches)22 (0.88)
Moldboard Sideshift - Right, mm (inches)683 (26.9)
Moldboard Sideshift - Left, mm (inches)683 (26.9)
Shoulder Reach - Right, mm (ft/in)2083 (6 ft 10 in)
Shoulder Reach - Left, mm (ft/in)2083 (6 ft 10 in)
Circle Rotation, �360
Bank Angle, � �90
Hydraulic Blade Tip - Forward, �42
Hydraulic Blade Tip - Rearward, �5
Moldboard - Lift Above Ground, mm (inches)490 (19.3)
Turning Radius - Minimum, m (ft/in)7.21 (23 ft 8 in)
Frame Articulation, � �22
Fuel Tank, ltr (gallons (US))416.5 (110)
Hydraulic Tank, ltr (gallons (US))60.5 (16)
Loading - Front Axle, kg (lbs)4178 (9210)
Loading - Rear Axle / Tandem, kg (lbs)11798 (26010)
Speed 8 - fwd, kph (mph)45.5 (28.3)
Speed 8 - rev, kph (mph)45.5 (28.3)
System Voltage, V24
Pump Flow, lt/min (gallons (US) / min)212 (56)
Relief Pressure, kPa (PSI)18961 (2750)