Self Driving Gator Featured During National Computer Science Education Week

posted on Wednesday, December 5, 2018 in Blog

Governor Ralph Northam

JRE provided an interactive Gator with Green Star Receiver and tractor for Governor Ralph Northam to illustrate how John Deere does Precision Ag. They used the 835R gator to DEMO the STARFIRE 6000.  The Governor actually drove the 835R Cab gator and engaged the auto steer Function. To watch the video on WSLS click the above picture. 

Self Driving 835RPictured left to right Marshall Puryear and Gov. Ralph Northam. 

Gators are not normally outfitted with Autosteer functions but this was a user friendly way of illustrating the technology that is now common place in our industry. 

Governor Ralph NorthamGov. Raplh Northam climbs aboard a 5115R equipped with auto steer technology. 

During the National Computer Science Education Week the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research held an event to highlight technology in farming. 

Self Driving Gator

Who knows, maybe one day we will be in self driving gators as part of everyday life. The future is technologically equipped to handle the challenges presented by our industry. 

To read more about the event and view a video of Gov. Ralph Northam click here