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Irrigation Management

By viewing your field’s data, often you will find there are easy wins to add to your field management. Most often, the data points to more efficient irrigation practices. Water-use optimization helps you detect leached nutrients, anaerobic environments, and monitors pivot activity. James River Equipment has the expertise to help create budget lines and optimize your pivot schedule to ensure optimal water levels.

Weather Stations

Weather Stations allow you to understand your field’s microclimate. With insights from your stations, you will be able to make decisions on seeding, irrigation, and spraying. Also, know when you need to protect your crop from frost.

For James River Equipment to help you maximize your field’s weather potential, you must have your soil mapped for accurate analysis. James River IS Specialists will then install PESSL probes and transistors. Once your field is adequately set up, James River Equipment will report bi-weekly on your field’s progress. At the end of the growing season, JRE will then remove your probes and transistors just in time for harvest activity.

Probes & Transistors Lease

  • Weather Forecasting - With access to weather forecasting, join the JRE network of weather stations that provide 3-7-10 Day Weather Forecasts

  • Disease Modeling - With access to micro-climate information in your field and combining them with disease models, get insights into potential health risks.

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