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Fuel Maintenance Package

Don’t learn the hard way how important fuel maintenance can be to your business. Construction, mining, and forestry projects of all kinds rely on many moving parts, including your machines. Preserving the quality of your fuel is one of the most essential things you can do to extend the life of your equipment. The costs of testing your fuel are nominal, especially when weighed against the costs of repairing or replacing your equipment. The most effective way to test and clean your fuel is by using James River Equipment kits and technicians. When faced with new emissions standards, lower fuel qualities, and carbon build-up, it pays to get an expert to diagnose the health of your fuel. We offer Fuel Maintenance packages that we tailor-make to fit your requirements. Whether you want to invest in a 1,000 hour package or a 6,000 hour package, we can customize your level of service. Fuel maintenance services can also supplement any larger Preventative Maintenance package of your choice. We will test the fuel in your machines and in your storage containers, looking carefully for any compromising materials like dirt, water, or even specks of dust. Even the tiniest particle can ruin the purity of your fuel. Fuel testing and maintenance is offered for all makes and models. We provide full-service packages and full fuel system cleaning (recommended every 2,000 hours).  We also sell inexpensive self-testing kits at all our locations. You will notice a difference in the performance of your machine when you frequently test and clean its fuel, and you can increase your uptime by getting quality service and adhering to emissions standards. Speak with a James River Equipment representative today to explore our Fuel Maintenance package options.

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