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James River Equipment Presents CW Strittmatter CW Strittmatter began their roots in the business with James River Equipment and grew...

James River Equipment Presents CW Strittmatter

CW Strittmatter began their roots in the business with James River Equipment and grew alongside them over the years. Now, John Deere technology and James River Equipment’s support help CW Strittmatter continue to build northern Virginia.

When CW Strittmatter began in 1978, they were considered a small fish in a large pond; in other words, a small construction company in the large pond of Virginia. Then again, so was James River Equipment, who started just a year prior in 1977. Over the last 40 years, these two companies have grown together alongside one another to where they are now. Ever since buying their first machine from them, a John Deere 270 excavator, they’ve worked with James River Equipment ever since.

These two companies have such a strong partnership; everyone knows each other on a first-name basis. Joe can remember one time in particular when they had a machine down, but there wasn’t a field-service technician available at the time, so the James River Equipment dealership in Manassas had the Winchester location Uber an excavator part to the jobsite so they could get back up and running without having to wait.

Joe Grim, Strittmatter Equipment Manager, says, “Who would have thought of that, first of all? And second of all, who would do it for you?!” Going on to say, “Dedication like that just can’t be beaten.”

Even then, the partnership doesn’t end there. Just the other week in September, a gas leak was in front of James River Equipment’s Manassas Park, Virginia location.

Joe recalls, “Access to the dealership was shut down. As I’m stewing over what to do for the day, I see Aaron running up the street with a shopping cart full of all my parts; that’s just unheard of.”

It turns out; the team at James River Equipment in Manassas had already known that Joe’s machine needed some parts because of the JDLink notification on one of their John Deere excavators. So they already had the parts ready to go for Joe and his crew.

JDLink originally started as a free GPS for the machine when they first bought it. Since then, John Deere has made JDLink the foundation of technology on heavy construction equipment. Now, it does so much more. From tracking your machines, which machines are working and if they are working properly and to their utmost productivity and efficiency, down to remote diagnostics of machine health and managing payloads, grading, and consumptions.

“Just seeing our fleet and how much longer it’s lasting now because we’re doing the maintenance on time, and we can prevent problems that we never knew we’re there before without it. That’s just money in the bank right there,” says Joe.

Doug Roan with James River Equipment goes on to say, “For customers that don’t use JDLink, you’re really probably missing out. There’s not a week that goes by that JDLink doesn’t influence or change some aspect of their business.”

CW Strittmatter now receives notifications of service intervals before they’re needed so they can plan ahead. They get accurate real-time readings of hours, fluid levels, up-time, etc. While they used to drive all around the county checking the hours on each machine after a day’s work, they can now pull the JDLink app up on their phone and see all of the information they need right in their hands.

With the continued growth of John Deere’s JDLink and James River Equipment’s ongoing support with their Worksight Solutions team, the crew at CW Strittmatter can rest assured that James River Equipment will be there for them every step of the way for many years to come.