Fabrication & Machining

For your construction, mining and forestry equipment, it makes a difference where you take your fabrication and machining projects. What sets us apart from the other guys is an unwavering dedication to detail, years of experience, and fully-equipped shops. James River Equipment has several shops throughout Virginia and the Carolinas that will be able to satisfy even your most complicated welding, machining, and fabrication needs. Let us make your lives easier by providing one-stop service that you can rely on. We offer repairs for all makes and models, and are primed to handle whatever special projects you need done. Whether you prefer to have OnSite Service at your location or you would like to come into the shop, we’re excited to work with you on just about anything. Since you aren’t pressured to buy entirely new parts or wait for new parts to ship, choosing to bring your repairs to James River Equipment means saving time and money. You can rest easy knowing that we can do it all when it comes to your welding, fabrication, and machining requests.


Undercarriage expense reflects up to 50% of the total maintenance cost of most track machines. James River Equipment is committed to helping you manage this portion of your construction business to improve productivity and lower your operating cost. Our Track Management Service is a vital part of this commitment. Our Customer Support Advisors will evaluate your undercarriage on a scheduled basis and provide the necessary recommendations to help you make informed decisions as to the correct repair option or maintenance that is needed. Undercarriage Systems require Service and Maintenance, regardless of brand or manufacturer.  When the need arises, you can feel confident that JRE has the expertise and the repair options you need to maximize the life expectancy of each component.

Rubber Tracks

JRE also offers a wide variety of rubber tracks for your compact equipment. We have rubber tracks in inventory for Skid Steer Loaders and Mini Excavators for Bobcat, CAT, CASE, New Holland, Takeuchi, Komatsu, and Kubota. Our rubber tracks are backed by one of the best warranties in the industry. Mini Excavators are warranted for 18 months or 1500 hours of operation and our SSL tracks are warranted for 12 months or 1000 hours of operation, on a pro-rated basis, against any manufacturer's defects.

Extended Warranty

Warranties bring a peace of mind that allows you to concentrate on your worksite rather than your equipment. This security can be sustained throughout the lifecycle of your machines when you choose to purchase an Extended Warranty program. Safeguard your investment by partnering with James River Equipment on one of these three reasonably priced programs. We let you select the amount of coverage that matches your needs. These programs are transferrable and will significantly improve the resale value of the equipment they cover. If you are devoted to all-inclusive machine health and endurance, consider pairing one of our extended warranties with a Preventative Maintenance package for a discount of up to 35%. Call today to discuss one of these opportunities with your James River Equipment service specialist. The earlier you decide to take part in a program, the greater your savings.

Preventative Maintenance

Here at James River Equipment, we know that the equipment that runs your construction and mining sites is one of your biggest expenses and most valuable ingredients for success. When your vehicles break down, it means downtime, repairs, and replacements. The most effective way to diminish the chance of equipment failure is an inclusive, consistent plan for machine maintenance. If you partner with us by using one of our three cost-saving Preventative Maintenance packages, we’ll work with you to determine what you need and when you need it. Our certified technicians will perform all the services you require—from fluid analysis to oil scans and replacement services. We always adhere to environmental regulations when disposing of any waste from your site. Participating in a current Preventative Maintenance package will improve the resale value of your equipment, as the agreement is transferrable. Pair one of these packages with an Extended Warranty package for extra savings—up to 35% off. Why wait until you have a breakdown? Save money, time, and worry by participating in one of our economical Preventative Maintenance packages today. A James River Equipment specialist is ready to help you customize your package according to desired level of service. We offer three plans to accommodate to your level of upkeep.

Filter Caddy

Small particles of dust and water can contaminate oil and cause severe damage to system components, including rapid wear and potential catastrophic failure. Protect your equipment investment with our Super Caddy service.  Super Caddy is dialysis for your oil system. This premier filtration service gives you complete confidence that you're avoiding fluid contamination and component failures. Onboard sensors analyze fluid and display temperature, percentage of water saturation, and amount of particulate matter. Bypass filters remove contaminants from the portion of oil that is circulating through the system, returning a steady stream of extremely well-filtered oil back to the tank. Your technician can perform this service on fluids in any machine in your fleet, in the shop, or in the field.

Fluid Analysis

It only takes half an hour of service to lower your chances for catastrophic equipment failures. Let James River Equipment avoid any machine deterioration by performing fluid analysis services on your engine oil, hydraulic oil, or gear oil. We know that your construction, forestry, and mining businesses depend on reliable equipment, and we’re here to make sure that equipment runs effortlessly. Even the smallest fragments of dirt and dust can contaminate oil and jeopardize your engine. Fluid analysis is recommended for all machines every 250-500 hours, subject to the manual instructions. The best way to ensure less downtime is to schedule fluid analysis throughout the year to check for patterns that could signal a problem. Not only is it critical to schedule these appointment intervals, it is equally important to use pure samples. Our technicians are trained to take the most accurate oil scan samples, as well as recommend treatments for unclean oil. For as little as $12, we provide fluid analysis tests, either for self-testing or to be used by one of our technicians. Fluid analysis can be performed alongside any other maintenance you receive from us. When your James River Equipment technician is servicing or delivering any parts or products, ask about getting an oil scan simultaneously. Once your oil is scanned, we will provide you with a report and recommendations for dealing with any pollution. Fluid Analysis is required for most Extended Warranty programs.

Fuel Maintenance

Don’t learn the hard way how important fuel maintenance can be to your business. Construction, mining, and forestry projects of all kinds rely on many moving parts, including your machines. Preserving the quality of your fuel is one of the most essential things you can do to extend the life of your equipment. The costs of testing your fuel are nominal, especially when weighed against the costs of repairing or replacing your equipment. The most effective way to test and clean your fuel is by using James River Equipment kits and technicians. When faced with new emissions standards, lower fuel qualities, and carbon build-up, it pays to get an expert to diagnose the health of your fuel. We offer Fuel Maintenance packages that we tailor-make to fit your requirements. Whether you want to invest in a 1,000 hour package or a 6,000 hour package, we can customize your level of service. Fuel maintenance services can also supplement any larger Preventative Maintenance package of your choice. We will test the fuel in your machines and in your storage containers, looking carefully for any compromising materials like dirt, water, or even specks of dust. Even the tiniest particle can ruin the purity of your fuel. Fuel testing and maintenance is offered for all makes and models. We provide full-service packages and full fuel system cleaning (recommended every 2,000 hours).  We also sell inexpensive self-testing kits at all our locations. You will notice a difference in the performance of your machine when you frequently test and clean its fuel, and you can increase your uptime by getting quality service and adhering to emissions standards. Speak with a James River Equipment representative today to explore our Fuel Maintenance package options.