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James River Equipment Presents Westview Companies Chesterfield, VA | Magnolia Green | Banyan Cove Entrance — Forrest Shaw of Westview...

James River Equipment Presents Westview Companies

Chesterfield, VA | Magnolia Green | Banyan Cove Entrance — Forrest Shaw of Westview Companies explains the versatility and agility that John Deere compact construction equipment brings to his jobsite. Between John Deere Compact Track Loaders, Mini Excavators, and support from James River Equipment, Forrest gets the job done quickly and precisely.

Meet Forrest Shaw, Westview Project Manager. Forrest loves his John Deere compact construction equipment (CCE). When he first came to Westview Companies, they only had a 35G mini-excavator to do all of their construction work; which wasn’t working very well for them. So when he came on board, he needed to get some new equipment. That’s where Forrest met Rusty with James River Equipment and the partnership had formed.

“We picked James River because of their responsiveness, the inventory, being able to test the machines out and get them dirty, bring them out to us and we never have to worry about anything else,” Forrest explains.

The first machine they picked up from Rusty at James River Equipment was a brand new 325G compact track loader.

“It’s made our lives so much easier,” he says.

Going on to describe, “What I really like about it is the 4-in-1 bucket that we got. I can scoop a load of rock and open it up and as I back-drag, it can just slowly fall out so it’s a controlled spread.” Continuing on, “Obviously in the summer, the air conditioning is a plus,” he laughs. We all know how hot it can get during the summer in the Virginias.

Forrest begins talking about all of the different attachments they use with the 325G that are compatible with the John Deere Quik-Tatch™ system like his 4-in-1 bucket, forks, augers, etc. He doesn’t even have to get out of the machine to attach and detach his implements.

Another feature of the John Deere 325G compact track loader that Forrest and Westview Companies love is the wide tracks.

He says, “With the wide tracks, there’s less downward force and it’s spread out so we don’t damage up the ground as much. [We have] the ability to float and not sink over saturated areas.

Although they love their new compact track loader, they still use their John Deere 35G mini-excavator just as much. It still runs like the day they got it and is versatile to use on pretty much any size job Westview Companies performs.

Forrest describes the 35G, “The size of it is amazing. The weight of it, you can put it in places you couldn’t out the 50[G]. Because we’re not big, we’re always in tight spaces.

Going on the explain, “The grading bucket, the tilt application of that helps us dig in swales and getting our final grade on our projects when we’re putting out of there. The maneuverability of the blade to go back and forth is incredible.”

Similar to the 325G track loader, Forrest loves the size of their 35G mini-excavator as well. Saying “The size is great because they fit on all of our trucks; we just need 3/4 –ton trucks. We don’t need duallys. That’s why we got both of these machines. So we didn’t have to buy all new trucks.”

In fact, these two compact machines are what Westview Companies used at the Magnolia Green Banyan Cove entrance sign they built. Check out the video and the John Deere resources at the bottom.

In the end, Forrest recalls a couple of times where they had their 325G track loader tied-up on another job so Rusty just brought them a rental skid steer to borrow.

Forrest explains, “We’ve used other people from other companies but after using James River [Equipment], we just… it was an easy choice. Nobody else”

James River Equipment and Westview Companies will be partners for many years to come.


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