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Tina Sugg’s Generational Influence

Growing up, Tina Sugg was significantly influenced by her grandfather. She started working for her grandfather at 15 in his...

Growing up, Tina Sugg was significantly influenced by her grandfather. She started working for her grandfather at 15 in his car lot that he opened in 1994. Tina helped him with bookwork, accounting, and sales. She looked up to him because he was passionate about what he did and was proud to claim his work. She wanted to be proud of something she made as well. Working for her grandfather set the stage for the rest of her life. After high school, she went to college for business, and if she was doing something, it had to be business; otherwise, she lost most interest. After college, she worked for car dealerships for another 25 years. She found her passion selling things and it is all thanks to her grandfather.

In 2009, Tina and her husband Wayne started their own logging company, Sugg Logging. Her husband Wayne had experience in the logging industry and wanted to start their own. They started by buying one truck and slowly started to gather more. Now they own three trucks of their own and have a family of employees.

“You have to be good to your help, and they will be good to you.” says Tina

She and her husband make safety a top priority in their business because logging is one of the most dangerous out there. The Sugg family started the company 12 years ago with Wayne in the woods and Tina on the business side. Tina also owns a boutique and is half owner of Sugg Logging with her husband. She helps with the company’s accounting and business side while he takes care of the in woods operations. She sometimes goes out to the site if they need anything, and she holds her own. Since most of their employees have been with them from the start, they know her strength, but when someone new is on the team, they rush to her aid.

Tina smiles and says, “thanks, but I got it,”

Because she isn’t wildly involved in the outdoorsy part of the business, doesn’t mean she doesn’t help. Tina is ready to jump in and help where it is needed, and she isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty either.

Tina said “I love when people ask me what I did over the weekend, and I say well I drove a skidder and worked with my husband. People are amazed that a woman is out there doing that.”

She helps Wayne with moving equipment, has started to figure out changing oil, and being a part of the team when it needs done. She goes above and beyond to ensure that their crew is well taken care of. She does this by ordering parts, helping on the weekends, and driving the semi trucks on and off the scale when weighing the loads. They have to weigh the loads to ensure that they are not overweight for the roads that they will be traveling on. As well as how much the wood weights total.

Tina and her husband Wayne have two young boys, 10 and 13, who they are building the future for. They are creating a legacy for the next generation and hopefully many generations to come. Tina hopes to influence her children and their children after that. She wants to influence them the way her grandfather influenced her, positively.