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Topcon X-53x Excavator System

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  • CategoryGeneral Construction
  • Year
  • Brand
  • Model3D Excavator System

Key Features

  • Make:
  • Category: General Construction
  • Year:
  • Description:
    • Cut grade quickly and accurately
    • Cut flat, vertical, and 3D surfaces
    • Fully upgradeable
    • Improves job safety
    • Integrated multi-constellation GR-i3 GPS receivers


Improve your Excavating Workflows and Productivity

3D machine control workflows improve the productivity, accuracy, and profitability of excavator projects. Topcon delivers the most advanced and precise GPS positioning technology coupled with advanced sensors, controllers, and easy-to-use onboard software. Productivity improvements of 30% or more are common – even for experienced operators.

Configured as an “Indicate” system, X-53x provides real-time, dynamic on-screen bucket location and design view. This allows the operator to dig right to grade every time. Upgrading to the optional “Automatic” configuration makes the system smart and easy by hydraulically controlling the digging depth and bucket angle, making a pro operator faster and better and making a novice dig like a pro.

Cut grade faster and more accurately
Create, cut, and check complex designs from the cab
Increase safety by removing grade checker from the trench
Indicate and Automatic options

Upgrade now to a "future-proof" excavating system

Select the X-53x automatic system now, or start with either the X-52x (2D system) or X-53x (3D indicate system) and easily upgrade them later if the need arises. No matter which system you start with, you will greatly enhance the efficiency of your excavating projects. 3D systems show a 30% productivity increase over non-equipped machines.

Integrated Power

The X-53x system features fully integrated multi-constellation GR-i3 receivers for precise positioning of the boom, stick, and bucket at all times. The GR-i3 is designed as an integrated GNSS receiver and antenna all in one, providing powerful performance in harsh environmental conditions. The automatic option includes custom joysticks and an integrated hydraulic control valve.

Get to grade faster

The 2D system ensures you will always cut to the correct grade, while the full 3D system provides even more advanced positioning assistance that reduces the need for stakeout, grading and survey personnel. An automatic system adds even more productivity and savings, keeping you exactly on grade and letting

Supported Brands and Models

John Deere - 160, 180, 190, 210, 245, 250, 300, 345, 350, 380, 470, 670

Hitachi - 160, 180, 190, 210, 245, 250, 300, 345, 350, 380, 470, 670

Komatsu - PC210**, 290**, PC138

Kobelco - SK170LC-10, SK210LC-10, SK260LC-10, SK270SRLC-10, SK300LC-10, SK350LC-10

Caterpillar - 323F, 330F, 349F, 390F**

JCB - 220X

*Electrohydraulic valves are currently not supported
**Platform brands/models that are in final validation and will be available soon

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