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James River Equipment Presents Laurel Springs Grain Corp Katie Meyer and her family share their generational farm story with James...

James River Equipment Presents Laurel Springs Grain Corp

Katie Meyer and her family share their generational farm story with James River Equipment. Adopting new John Deere technology has allowed this family farm to evolve to continue doing what they love.

Katie’s father, Sparky, knew that Katie had always taken a particular interest in the farm from when she was just a little girl. Sparky can recall many times where she’d wake up and be so excited to get out in the field and hop up in the cab of the combine with her dad, only to fall asleep a short time after. He had always wanted Katie to come back and take over the family farm one day but didn’t think that would ever happen. Little did he know, Katie has and will always enjoy farming and appreciates the path her father forged for her.

Sparky knows Katie is great when it comes to the technology side of the John Deere equipment they have in their operation. He is old-school and used to carry a pocketbook around with him everywhere he went and write down everything he did every single day. He’d keep that so he could remember what days he performed a task, how much he planted, the measurements, etc.

“But when Katie came along, she said, “Dad, there’s an easier way to do this.” So she told him about Operations Center from John Deere.

Katie says, “Farming has completely changed. Where you didn’t know if you overlapped on spraying, or if you got the area planted if you didn’t follow your markers. Now you can look at your screen and you can see where you’ve sprayed, where you have not sprayed, where you’ve planted, and where you haven’t planted. We can pull up our phone and be like, ‘alright, we’ve planted soybeans on this day, we got this amount harvested off of it. We can get everything off. It’s nice everything is at our hands.”

Sparky goes on to say, “The more technology I see, the more I like it, and the easier it makes it.”

Using technology like Operations Center has made it much more efficient in their operation so that they’re not wasting seed or chemicals.

Enable precision agriculture with John Deere Operations Center

The Operations Center allows you access to more information to make better decisions to improve your farming operation. Better decisions can lead to higher yields, reduced costs, and the ability to farm more acres in less time.

john deere operations center   

John Deere Operations Center

The Operations Center is an online farm management system that enables access to farm information anytime, anywhere. Tools in the Operations Center provide you and your partners with the ability to analyze, edit, and make collaborative decisions from the same set of information to get higher yields and reduce input costs. These tools help you farm more efficiently by creating plans and directing in-field work, allowing you to farm more acres in less time. Combined with its complimentary suite of mobile apps and the power of live connections to the machine through JDLink™, the Operations Center enables you to manage your operation more efficiently, do a better job on every pass, reduce costs, and improve profitability.

Farm more acres in less time

Managing fieldwork can be chaotic, inefficient, and cause a manager to be on the phone for hours per day trying to coordinate work, monitor progress, and make sure the job gets done right. It takes numerous meetings, phone calls, and even field visits, which are all prone to miscommunication and costly errors and delays. John Deere Operations Center is a cloud-based system used for insights and collaboration. Access your field and machine information and share it with trusted partners via the web from any computer or device – no desktop software or subscription is required. Keep up on what’s happening with equipment and operators at any given time with Operations Center features such as Location History, Remote Display Access (RDA), and the MyOperations™ partner mobile application. You can see what’s going on anywhere, anytime you choose.

Manage quality and productivity from anywhere   Manage quality and productivity from anywhere

•  Remotely view in-cab displays in order to:
o    Minimize time-consuming field visits
o    Reduce costly errors with equipment settings
o    Resolve problems more quickly
• Save time calling equipment operators to ask for their locations by viewing them on a map
• Quickly identify errors and make corrections
• Monitor fieldwork
• Learn from recent and past field operations
• Coach operators and adjust machines for improved performance
• View flags created by operators to fix problems
• Send reports to partners or landlords quickly from your phone
• Quickly view variety of performance

Get higher yields

field analyzer beta   

Field Analyzer Beta corn harvest layers show yield

Factors like variety selection and input variables make all the difference in a successful growing season. Capturing field data provides a key advantage for making better crop and input decisions. John Deere Operations Center provides tools so you can evaluate the data, ensure it’s accurate, and act on it. John Deere Operations Center tools can make data interpretation easier. With these tools, understand the factors influencing yield and be ready to act on those insights in the field.

• Visual mapping lets you analyze, compare, and understand factors influencing yield.
• Editing tools automatically and manually adjust the documented date to eliminate errors made in the cab.
• Summarize the details of an operation in a single report for further discussion.
• Develop an understanding of trends in performance to gain better insights.

Reduce costs

Growers rely on many people inside and outside of their organization such as staff, John Deere dealers, agronomists, landlords, and crop input manufacturers to help them make decisions about their crop inputs, machines, and more. Operations Center makes the process of sharing machine and agronomic data easy and customizable. In Operations Center, growers can establish a sharing relationship with key people and electronically share their information easily. This allows them to better control and secure their data while making it available to those who can help them gain insights that increase productivity and reduce costs.

data sharing

• Maintain control of data visible to the team and partners
• Decrease the time it takes to transfer and share data with agronomists, dealers, and service providers
• Receive support from John Deere dealers and partners
• Simplify logistics and reduce unnecessary communication
• Multiple levels of access to customize information sharing

field analyzer 2

Review how your seeding rate has impacted yield at the end of the year with Field Analyzer

Managing inputs to control costs while creating the most yield potential is critical to your success. Monitor input performance and control costs such as varying seed rate and/or fertilizer to determine maximum benefit through Operations Center analysis tools.

For more information on data privacy, see: www.johndeere.com/trust.

Take a peek at the bottom for more information about connected software availability options.

Like Sparky says, “you don’t want to double up on anything when you’re putting it down into the ground because of the expense and the damage it can do to the environment.

Katie goes on to explain, “We’re putting down the exact amount per acre that we need to so that we’re not overspending on money.”
Laurel Springs Grain Corp can now store information from years prior to tell where the best part of their field is and what other areas need to be focused on. Everything is measured and recorded like yield, moisture, etc. so that it can be used for years to come.

It’s always easier when you have some help. That’s why Katie, Sparky, and Laurel Springs Grain Corp enjoy working with James River Equipment. Marcus, head of Integrated Solutions at James River Equipment, is always there when help is needed. James River Equipment appreciates Laurel Springs Grain’s business, and Laurel Springs Grain appreciates James River Equipment’s service. They are always just one call away.

The entire family enjoys living the farm life, and especially the kids. They consider it a blessing that most other people don’t get to enjoy life as they do.

Do more from Operations Center with connected software companies

Growers do not farm alone. Collaboration with retailers, input providers, software companies, equipment dealers, and many others is necessary to make timelier and more accurate decisions. The Operations Center is an open platform that enables producers to connect with their preferred partners and software tools. For more information about connected software tools, visit the More Tools page within Operations Center, or go to the direct link at: https://MoreTools.Deere.com.

As of February 2020, Operations Center users can enable data sharing connections with the following software applications: https://www.deere.com/en/technology-products/precision-ag-technology/data-management/operations-center/

Questions? Please contact the John Deere API Dev Support Team at [email protected]

Source: Deere & Company. John Deere Precision Ag Technology. Operations Center. 2020. https://www.deere.com/en/technology-products/precision-ag-technology/data-management/operations-center/