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JRE Presents | J.R. Caskey J.R. Caskey is a leading excavation contractor operating in Central Virginia. They are a woman-owned...

JRE Presents | J.R. Caskey

J.R. Caskey is a leading excavation contractor operating in Central Virginia. They are a woman-owned Commercial Site and Utility Contractor offering a vast menu of Construction Services for over 30 years.

J.R. Caskey and James River Equipment have a great relationship together. Thomas Woolard, the GPS Specialist for James River’s Worksight Solutions, says Caskey is one of their fastest-growing users of the GPS technology on their fleet and the difference really shows.

Tyler Caskey, Project Manager for J.R. Caskey, explains the way they used to have to do things and the way they do things now with the help of John Deere technology and James River Equipment’s Worksight Solutions team.

“We’re working from D.C to West Virginia, central Virginia, and down into North Carolina in a competitive bid environment, there’s not a lot of margin for error or especially downtime. And I think that’s where James River really comes into full effect. They really keep us up and running at 100% efficiency,” says Tyler Caskey.

They used to have 3-grade checkers pulling string lines all around. Now there are no grade stakes around the jobsite because everything is run off of the GPS station and the rover to get grades. Now they can just put one guy in a machine and get the site graded much easier.

“You can use less people to be more efficient,” says Thomas Woolard with JRE.

“John Deere’s JDLink combines with James River’s knowledgeable staff, we can analyze all that data that JDLink gives us, and that truly does help us drive our hourly EOE and owning costs lower and in turn, makes us more competitive on bid day” Tyler Caskey explains. “That downtime that you experience… That is your profit fading.”

Alex Dixon, Grade Control Manager for James River Equipment’s Worksight Solutions team, continues: “At James River, we have a machine monitoring team located throughout the company. Their full-time jobs are to monitor telematics for the machines, monitor alerts, and if need we’ll send a technician.”

Another key reason why J.R. Caskey continues to use James River Equipment is their response time. Tyler Caskey recalls an instance where they had a quick-coupler break on one of their excavators and within 30-40 minutes, they are at the jobsite and already starting to work on fixing it.

One of the biggest challenges small construction companies are facing today is finding the skilled labor force to get the work done properly. That’s another part of the technology that John Deere has stepped in to solve.

Thomas Woolard puts it in simple terms: “It takes a good dozer operator and makes them great. Takes an average operator and makes them good. Even the older guys that are great operators, it just makes them extraordinary and it makes them faster and more efficient.

Tyler Caskey begins to describe the James River Equipment service and preventative maintenance packages they have for their fleet. The James River Equipment preventative maintenance package can take the load off management so that they’re not trying to keep track of all the repairs of each machine in their fleet. James River Equipment tracks it all for them and tracks it all with you so that you’re getting a longer life cycle out of your equipment.

“Knowing that you’re running John Deere and have James River by your side, that makes that job a lot less nerve-racking,” Tyler Caskey says.

Just the other week Caskey had to shut down a city block in order to make a connection from one road to another, but they only had 2 days to complete it. They ended up coming across some concrete that they needed to break up and remove before they could continue, but they didn’t have a breaker on-site. They called up James River Equipment and said they needed a machine with a breaker on it and within the hour, that machine was arriving on-site and they’re able to start breaking that concrete.

“You just can’t find service like that,” Tyler Caskey explains.

“We celebrate when our customers celebrate their successes and that’s really what it’s about,” says Alex Dixon.



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