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John Deere & Hitachi 2019 All Employee Kickoff

January 24, 2019 Kernersville, North Carolina John Deere & Hitachi’s “Customer First – Build On It” initiative is a big...

Deere Hitachi all employee kickoff 2019 in Kernersville, NC.

January 24, 2019
Kernersville, North Carolina

John Deere & Hitachi’s “Customer First – Build On It” initiative is a big success with local construction companies:

Kernersville, North Carolina – In late January, John Deere and Hitachi held their All Employee Kickoff of 2019. From operators, supervisors, and of course John Deere & Hitachi employees, it was a very big turnout with over 900 people in attendance during each of the two sessions. The event was held inside the Kernersville Deere/Hitachi factory where they build all of their mid-size excavators.

One of the notable speakers was Hennings Construction Company; with over 90 pieces of equipment (mostly all Deere or Hitachi) makes them one of James River’s largest customers. Darren (President) and Dusty (Fleet Manager) for Hennings says one of their main focuses is limiting downtime on the jobsite. Uptime is the most important.

Hennings looks for “value” when they are buying equipment. Quality equipment, good price, and reliability. James River is the reason Hennings buys John Deere Equipment. They have such a strong relationship with each other because James River takes care of them and all of their work needs.

Among others in attendance were Deere & Hitachi engineers and production specialists. They were able to listen first-hand to the operators, supervisors, employees, and other end-users about the machines in their fleets and some of the most important functions they look for in a mid-size excavator.

“Having their ear to the ground and being close with our customers to identify those problems,” said Ronnie Rowe, Greensboro, NC Store Manager for James River Equipment. Customer relationships are a priority for James River; as their customers’ satisfaction is most important.

After the speakers and presentations, the group was able to tour the Deere-Hitachi factory in Kernersville, North Carolina to learn more about what all goes into making all of these mid-size excavators that are all built there. Deere & Hitachi employees learned the importance of details at all times and learned first-hand from the customers what it costs to operate these machines and the cost of downtime. Importance to details at all times was a big topic for these Deere & Hitachi employees.

The event was very eye-opening to many of the Deere & Hitachi employees. They were able to hear first-hand from end-users of their mid-size excavators about what is most important to them when buying equipment, some of the most essential features & benefits they look for when purchasing equipment and the importance of details at all times during the production process.

Quality machinery starts from the factory itself; and Deere & Hitachi in Kernersville is always striving for perfection.