What is the JRE tech sponsorship program?

Our program is a two year equipment technician program tailored to amplify technical and professional expertise and competency of the incoming dealership technician. Each subject is thoroughly coached in the classroom, as well as gaining in-dealership experience!

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This asset symbol icon is used for the Tech graduate level in 4Rivers Equipment service careers. This image shows a person in a graduating cap and gown with a green and gold tassel. See-through transparent background.

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James River Equipment is committed to assisting you every step of the way! We will provide you with training-related part-time employment and serve as mentors during the work experience periods. James River will also supply you with eleven uniforms!

This asset symbol icon is used to show the Snapon tools that 4Rivers Equipment provides to their service technicians who go through the 4Rivers Equipment Sponsored Service Technician Program. This image shows 2 silver wrenches slanted upwards to the left in front of a large red circle. See-through transparent background.

Receive Brand-New Snap-On Tools!

Don’t worry about getting enough tools for class! As soon as you start, James River will provide you with a BRAND NEW Snap-On toolbox complete with Snap-On tools to get the job done!

This asset symbol icon is used for the Parts Specialist position in 4Rivers Equipment careers. This image shows a man in a blue shirt and a blue hat. See-through transparent background.

Get Your Tuition Paid

That’s right! James River pays your tuition when you graduate with a minimum of a 2.5 GPA, and as you complete three years of service at any of our locations!

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