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Ashlee Little’s Not so Little Dream

Ashlee Little had many dreams and lets just say they weren’t all that little. Initially she wanted to be a...

Ashlee Little had many dreams and lets just say they weren’t all that little. Initially she wanted to be a nurse, then changed her mind to being a teacher. With that she went to college and got her teaching degree, and taught as a teacher for several years. Before meeting her husband Ashlee was unaware of what logging entailed. From then on she would grow into a woman of vast knowledge and understanding of the industry. When their first kid was only eight months old, her husband Micheal Little decided to start his own logging company. Ashlee continued to be a teacher and would help with the bookwork after the kids would go to bed. After their 3rd child she decided it was time for a change. She went to work full time with her husband in Little Logging Inc.

Little Logging Inc. is located in Oakboro, NC, and to the Little’s benefit there aren’t many other logging companies in this town.They started their family business in 2007, so 14 years and counting. Ashlee is the accountant and bookkeeper for their company. Ordering parts, working with the JDLink systems, and google mapping the distance from the mill to the job site and any other logistics to help keep her husband in the woods and working efficiently. As a young starting company, they only had one logging crew that included one skidder, one buncher, one loader, and the men. From one crew to two, the Little Logging company expanded. With two crews and a growing reputation they became busy and by 2017 were able to include a chipper into each crew as well.They have maximized their efficiency so far by better understanding their machines.

Through Ashlee’s perseverance in research she found the company many great vendors for them to work with. Because of her degree and experience in teaching she has harnessed her communication skills to help her communicate with others efficiently and professionally. At the beginning when her and her husband were just starting the company many vendors were weary about partnering with them since they had no reputation to go off of. She was able to help win them over and have kept a healthy relationship with their vendors since. Ashlee has also worked to gain more business for the company by constantly continuing her research.

Little Logging is a family business, and with having four kids, they plan to keep it that way. The kids range from 14 to 7. Their oldest is a boy, and he says he wants to one day do what dad does.

Ashlee said “ My youngest is a 7 year old girl and she is ready and wants to go work in the woods with her daddy.”

Her little girl is going to push the limits of being a woman in the logging industry just like her mother does everyday. Ashlee strives to push her kids towards their dreams so they may one day pursue their dreams and passions as she did. She wants them to have a not so Little dream.