John Deere 730 Tractor in Harrisonburg, Va!

posted on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 in Blog

James River Equipment – Harrisonburg submitted this picture of a JOHN DEERE 730 tractor. It is owned by our partners, Whitesel Brothers Inc. The 730 is a two-cylinder, row-crop tractor manufactured by Deere from 1958 – 1961. The 730 replaced the 720, offering cosmetic upgrades. A notable option were the deluxe flat-top fenders with headlights. Front-end options on the row-crop 730 were single wheel, conventional or Roll-O-Matic dual front, or adjustable wide front. The John Deere 730 diesel (along with the 720) held a 27-year fuel economy record for most efficient diesel tractor at the Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory. The backdrop for this 730 tractor is Mole Hill Mountain in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Mole Hill, jutting severely above the surrounding farmland, is the remnant of an ancient volcano. Most of the rocks in Shenandoah Valley region are sedimentary dating back roughly 300 to 540 million years. However, Mole Hill, at 1,895 above sea level, is relatively new dating back only 48 million years. This Virginia volcano does make for a beautiful backdrop to the John Deere tractor.