Did You Know...John Deere Made a Record?

posted on Friday, November 30, 2012 in Blog

We recently were cleaning out one of our file cabinets in Ashland and found a 45rpm single called “The Great American Farmer.” It was released by John Deere Co. in 1975 to commemorate the upcoming Bicentennial of the United States. Ralph Harrison wrote and performed the song. Total production of the record was around 5,000 (one for every John Deere Dealer) but lack of promotion by the dealers and John Deere helped insure its fate to obscurity (hence, our file cabinet). This same recording was also issued on 8 track! If you like John Deere (or FARMING), this is worth 4 minutes and 14 seconds to sit back and listen…

Yes, they did make a Canadian version. It is estimated that fewer than 1,000 of these were produced and it was performed by Tom Gallant.