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Store Manager: Bobby Cunningham

Service Manager: Josh Freeze

Parts Manager: Nick McCord

Sales Staff: Aaron Cranford (Outside Sales - 704-798-3729), Scott Davis (Outside Sales - 704-223-5167), MacKenzie Welch and Dave Denning

Whether you’re a homeowner with a quarter-acre yard to maintain, or a grain farmer with 2,500 acres of crops to plant and harvest, the James River Equipment - Salisbury dealership can meet your equipment needs. Our equipment salesmen can assist with purchases of everything from a self-propelled walk-behind mower to a combine. Our parts personnel can take care of all your John Deere parts needs, as well as parts for other brands of equipment. Our service department can provide the full spectrum of equipment servicing – from the at-home Ready-To-Mow service for the lawn & garden customer, to the in-shop repair of all lines of equipment, to the on-farm repair of equipment in the field. We are your one-stop shop for all your equipment needs. James River Equipment and John Deere, working together to deliver you The John Deere Experience of Genuine Value.


A machine that isn't properly maintained can actually HARM your lawn by tearing grass blades and leaving your yard susceptible to disease. Proper maintenance of your lawn tractor is essential for a healthy yard! But don't throw a wrench into your weekends...Just pick up the phone or go online to schedule a Ready-To-Mow appointment right now. We will come to you and keep you mowing!

Parts On Site

No matter how close your local James River Equipment location is, your shop is a lot closer. That's why John Deere and James River Equipment offer Parts OnSite - so you can stock parts at John Deere Parts OnSite Programyour place and get back to work sooner. Your local James River Equipment Parts Deparment employees and Customer Service Advisors are the key to keeping you rolling. We'll keep you stocked with the high-wear and maintenance parts you need for the work you'll be doing so they're ready when you need them. After you use a part, just reorder and restock. lt's that simple.

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