Get Attached

Get Attached*Offer ends 10/25/2019. Free Attachment promotion valid with the purchase of any new John Deere 1 - 4 Series Tractor. Free implement models include: BLADES (RB2060, RB2060L, RB5060, RB5060L, RB2072, RB5072, RB2084), BOXES (BB2048, BB2048L, BB5048L, BB2060, BB5060, BB5060L, BB2072, BB5072), FORKS (AP10F, AP11F, AP12F), RAKES (LR2060L, LR5060, LR5060L, LR2072, LR5072) SPREADERS (S1022B, SS1023B, SS1036B, SS1067B, SS3067B), and PLOWS (PB1001). Some restrictions may apply. See James River Equipment for details.