Precision Ag

What is Precision Agriculture?

James River Equipment is now offering Precision Agriculture technology, providing personalized solutions for your farm’s unique problems in Virginia and the Carolinas.  Precision Agriculture is using technology, information and smart machines all together to provide the most efficient and productive farm practices available in today’s market. These products and services are designed to create customized answers to the problems of each individual operation, based on the crops you grow and the conditions you face.  JRE has specially trained personnel with the tools, training, and knowledge to help you make the very best agronomic decisions and purchases.  A comprehensive list of customizable services that JRE offers can be found below. For more information, visit our locations tab to find the JRE Precision Agriculture dealership nearest to you.

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Why come to James River Equipment for your Precision Agriculture product needs?

  • Increased productivity, efficiency and profitability
  • Less consumption and waste
  • Reduced input costs
  • User-friendly technology
  • Fast return on investment
  • More control and quicker response times
  • Less stress and effort!


Field Connect

Field Connect uses field-installed probes to monitor moisture levels at various depths in order to pinpoint places on your farm that allow crops to thrive.  The data collected from the Field Connect is then transferred to a web-based interface that allows you to see the information on your computer or smartphone in order to make the timeliest and profitable irrigation decisions for your operation.

In-field start-up assistance and system startup

This service is guaranteed when we deliver a new piece of equipment, and includes operative training. Precision Agriculture training sessions are provided as a part of machine delivery and setup. Phone and email support are also offered 24/7 on this equipment.

Cellular RTK Guidance

Precision Agriculture gives you the ability to gain access to a growing network of RTK coverage, which provides you with sub-inch accuracy and track-by-track repeatability, including guidance line conversion. RTK service is available in most places.

Crop Services

This is an intensive management program designed to optimize the productivity of all of your field operations and raise profit levels. Crop Services focuses on four main objectives: productivity of field equipment operations, crop inputs, field productivity, and profit levels. Our certified crop consultants use data from your farm as well as zone management and machine productivity measurements to accomplish these goals.


John Deere’s Apex Farm Management software is a basic data management solution that plays a significant role both before a producer goes out into the field and after each operation is completed. It offers your farm basic data management capabilities, improved load identification and functionality, and automatic backup to ensure data security. Farmers can keep pre-data in Apex and also unload field data following each operation, giving users the ability to organize and analyze both historical and current field information. Maps and reports can then be generated based on the unloaded data. Recorded data is available for use in future business decisions. Apex software uses historical data to make appropriate management decisions, enhance crop productivity, minimize input costs, optimize soil nutrient levels, compare hybrid/variety productivity, compare and analyze harvest data for multiple years, visualize field trends across multiple years, identify and control field drainage issues, identify, control, and analyze pest infestations. The outcome is accurate and adaptable prescriptions to assist you in appropriately planning input purchases. Apex setup also includes:

Apex Setup: Apex offers software support with a live, web based connection. Maps can also be set up on your iPad and iPhone for use on the go.

Management Decisions: Apex gives producers the ability to visualize farming practices from past years and use the information to make educated decisions for the future.

Software Upgrades: Precision Agriculture software is regularly updated to include more products and current product enhancements to provide for increased efficiency. Apex offers a live update feature to use internet connection to check automatically for software updates to eliminate the need for checking a website or downloading from a disk.

JD Link

JDLink setup and administration with alert setup and monitoring

Free JDLink software training is available regarding use of the JDLink website and its app for mobile devices. Website administration and support comes standard with JDLink installment.

Transfer Data: JDLink offers wireless transfer of data between devices, including the transfer of data to your personal computer.

Fleet Efficiency Analysis: For users operating equipment in fleets, JDLink offers the capability to analyze their efficiency as a unit.

JDLink Service ADVISOR Remote: This is a product support resource permitting your dealer’s service department to log in and remotely access your JDLink powered equipment. This is available as a product support resource allowing you to Facetime with a service representative via the 26’X30’ display in your machine. In addition, this service allows you to log onto your equipment remotely to help new operators without having to drive to the field.

Controller Calibration

Machine control functions are able to communicate with a calibrated controller, signaling to them when they should start and stop, in order to perform tasks at optimal efficiency.

Rate Controller Setup/Installation

You can add a variable rate controller to a machine that is compatible with both older Deere equipment as well as other brands.

Precision Agriculture Training Sessions

In addition to the initial training session that comes with setup, James River Equipment offers clinics throughout the year for Precision Ag users using our training equipped FarmSight trailer. Attendance is offered free of charge at seasonal small-group training sessions. Demo equipment is also available for training.

Data Analysis

We will assist you in analyzing harvest and planting data acquired through Precision Agriculture products

Data Cleanup

We will take your documented data and scrub it to get rid of errors and normalize the data.

Prescription Map Creation

We will use Precision Ag technology to assist you in creating a prescription map for your acreage, including fertilizer, lime and seeding prescriptions. This map will come up with a variable rate and the equipment is capable of executing the prescriptions in the field.

Automated Crop Reporting

Using existing mapping capabilities, this technology makes crop reporting almost entirely hassle-free. You can now report planted acres and yield from Apex software directly to your John Deere Insurance Agent electronically, for insurance purposes, using a documented calibration of your yield monitor.

Auto Track

GPS auto-steering allows farmers to make the most out of each pass, which saves both time and fuel. It is quick and easy to move this technology from one piece of equipment to another, which directly turns the steering shaft.

Mapping of Field Boundaries

A gator is used to map the perimeter of your usable land and give the technology a basis for operation.

Veris Machine

This machine measures electro conductivity in the soil, which allows us to give you your soil's ability to retain water. It creates maps that give us management zones in a field based on electro conductivity values and from there we can manage those zones for fertilizer application, soil testing and variable rate seeding.

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