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Land Leveling

Elevate your land leveling design with T3rra Cutta from James River Equipment. This software
took the best of terrain design and applied the technology to the uses of professional farmers.
With T3rra Cutta, design terraces, levees, and drains work with multiple fields at the same time to
perform whole-farm designs and view your designs in Google Earth. Once you are done creating,
take that plan into the field. Export your model and take it to the tractor for seamless guidance
and plan execution.

  • Rent T3RRA CuttaTM Equipment - Tractor and Tile Plow Rental
  • WeDesign Maps

Ag Studio
Comprehensive Crop Management Solution For Ag Professionals

Ag Studio is the best in class software for growers and their agronomist professionals both to put plans into action. With Ag Studio, your agronomist can quickly formulate and provide variable-rate recommendations for seeding and fertility. With their customized calculations, prescriptions easily translate to John Deere equipment. With this streamline data communication, execute your valuable prescription with precision.

  • Full Agronomic Package - The comprehensive ag studio program with the ability to access JRE fertility algorithms.
  • Farmer Package - The full ag studio and fertility Rx’s provided by JRE.

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