New HX20 Flex-Wing Rotary Cutter

Rotary Cutters

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Outfit your farm with one of the industry's biggest, toughest rotary cutters - the HX20. With the exclusive MaxFlow cutting chamber and patented Double-Decker design, you'll get superior results. There are no exposed frame members in the cutting chamber to disrupt airflow or collect trimmings. The result is a very smooth cut with even distribution. For pasture maintenance, this means better regrowth.

Key Features & Specs

  • Superior four-gearcase design
  • Gearcases and blade holders for better performance
  • Domed shape and smooth top deck is easy to clean
  • Safety tow chains for extra support
Cutting Width 240in. (6096mm)
Gearcases Number 4
Blades Overlap 6in. (152mm)
Shielding Front Chain