Precision Ag


James River Equipment is now offering Precision Agriculture technology, providing personalized solutions for your farm’s unique problems in Virginia and the Carolinas.  Precision Agriculture is using technology, information and smart machines all together to provide the most efficient and productive farm practices available in today’s market. These products and services are designed to create customized answers to the problems of each individual operation, based on the crops you grow and the conditions you face.  JRE has specially trained personnel with the tools, training, and knowledge to help you make the very best agronomic decisions and purchases.  A comprehensive list of customizable services that JRE offers can be found to the left.  Click each service for details.  For more information, visit our locations tab to find the JRE Precision Agriculture dealership nearest to you.

Why come to James River Equipment for your Precision Agriculture product needs?

  • Increased productivity, efficiency and profitability
  • Less consumption and waste
  • Reduced input costs
  • User-friendly technology
  • Fast return on investment
  • More control and quicker response times
  • Less stress and effort!

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