Topcon Excavator Field Day | Raleigh

When: November 13 at 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Location: 2300 Glen Laurel Rd
Clayton, NC 27527 (map)

Come and learn about the new Topcon Automatic Excavator system.

(Location across from address given)

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About this Event

Learn, Watch, See for Yourself

Come and learn about the new Topcon Automatic Excavator system. You and a few other select individuals will receive an up-close and personal session to learn all about these new Automatic Excavator workflows. You’ll see how you can quickly layout complex designs in the field and then use the power of the Auto Excavator to dig these designs easily, accurately and faster than ever before.

• Short onsite class session introducing the workflows

• Onsite field layout of a grading design

• See how that is transferred directly to the excavator

• Get your turn in the seat and get a feel for the ease and power of this new system

Why Attend

You will gain a real appreciation for the absolute state-of-the-art, automatic system, that transforms the capabilities of an excavator. You need to see what can really be done with modern workflows and technology.

Who Should Attend

If you are in the excavator business, or even in the grading business and considering what can now be done with an excavator. You need to come to see for yourself. Professional operators, novice operators, old hands that have been managing operators but still have a hand in operating. Anyone operating an excavator will see right away just how easy and important it is to get your hands on this gear.