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Integrated Grade Control is piece of technology that both the customer can use to provide better machine optimization and better jobsite optimization. Grade Control allows the customer to operate more efficiently overall, and with less people needed to do it.

Typically, one would have to call a surveyor to come out and place grade stakes all around the jobsite. However, with machine grade control, you are limiting the amount of actual survey information you need; rather, you are taking that same survey information and putting it right at the tip of your fingertips directly onto your smartphone or tablet.

By using Grade Control and setting an accurate subgrade, you’re able to bring that material in and place it more efficiently and faster; which allows you to save on those expensive materials costs. All of these factors combined is exactly what James River Equipment wants to help you do; be more productive and more efficient on your jobsite.

James River Equipment has always prided themselves on going above and beyond in support of their customers. They offer 1 on 1 training of the technology or they even have technology demo days throughout the year where they’ll come out to your jobsite or office and teach you and your operators about everything. James River will train you and they’ll make sure you are comfortable with the application and utilizing the machine grade control technology.

James River saw this as a way to become a partner to their customer out in the field.  It acts as a way for James River to be right there beside you at all times; working to make sure your machines are running efficiently so you can get the job done right and in a timely manner. That is what makes them “Your Working Partner.”

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