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The most complete, reliable, and accurate UAV system available. Kespry is designed from the ground up to solve your most challenging business problems and scale across teams with limited drone expertise.

Quality data captured regularly at no extra cost gives Kespry customers easy access to valuable insight on which to run their organizations. It means they can advance the analysis and business intelligence that drives their competitive advantage. Kespry is committed to revealing more value in that data and has a number of machine learning and artificial intelligence programs in development that are reducing the costs associated with fraud, advancing work site logistics efficiencies, increasing employee safety and improving customer experiences.


It’s what we leave out that makes the Kespry solution special. There are no joysticks, so you don’t need piloting skills. There are no SD Cards for you to fumble with or risk losing. There are no complicated data conversion applications for post processing that you have to battle with.

What Kespry adds instead is automation and seamless integrations that simplify your experience.

You create a mission with the supplied iPad and the touch of your finger. The Kespry Drone calculates the flight path and flies autonomously, using LiDAR sensors to avoid obstacles. The Kespry system manages the transfer and processing of data wirelessly within the platform. The Kespry Cloud makes high resolution photogrammetry and executive reporting available to you and your team in minutes.

One simple, automated solution from field to finished data.

Field Capture

Survey-grade accuracy

The Kespry Drone 2s is the most accurate aerial intelligence drone we’ve ever built. It includes a high quality dual frequency GNSS receiver designed to eliminate multipath errors and mitigate electronic interferences common in industrial settings. Using PPK (Post Processed Kinematic), the system automatically processes field data at a new level of repeatable accuracy that serves a wide range of valuable professional applications, including topographic maps for design.

Data Insights

Automated volumetrics

The Kespry Cloud automatically calculates the volume and slope of any selected surface. Pitches of roofs, material volumes for stockpiles, cut and fill areas, stripping blocks, or blasting areas can be quickly evaluated within moments. Customized reports showing volumes of each material for a single site or multiple sites are automatically generated for internal business decisions or regulatory audits.

Elevation management

Customers can quickly verify the elevation of any surface in several ways. A simple check box will activate the contour tool allowing the user to pick specific intervals needed to best evaluate large areas for the entire site or detailed areas, such as drainage swales. Changes in elevation can also be shown by viewing a surface model of the site that defines low and high areas with different colors.

3D modeling

High-resolution images are automatically collected from the Kespry Drone and post processed into sub-centimeter resolution geotagged 3D models. Easy click and zoom functionality within the Kespry Cloud gives users the ability to safely evaluate highwalls, stockpiles, pits, and rooftops with more control and resolution than video or static images.

Data export and share options

Kespry supports your work process and the flow of data across your business. Kespry Cloud data can be downloaded in more than 30 formats used for civil designs, geospatial analysis, and other common workflows needing AutoCAD DXF files, SHP files, KMZ, OBJ files, point clouds in LAS and XYZ formats and GeoTIFFs, to name just a few. Your data flows as you need it to with Kespry. You can even give your clients secure access to the Kespry Cloud to see your project data from anywhere in the world that’s online.

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